Saturday, April 28, 2012


Pernah atau tidak terjadi kepada anda. Anda komen2 di muka buku dengan seorang insan berlawanan jantina dengan anda * in this case the opposite gender is a man.
Lalu terdapat seorang gegurl like semua comment post anda dengan lelaki tersebut tp anda punya komen sahaja. Secara tidak langsung, penuh la notification anda.
Comment2 anda bersama jejaka tersebut bukan la sesuatu yang berbau romantis atau menggedik.


  • Gegirl ni gf dia kot??tp xde pon in relationship ke ape..
  • Kakak die kot, ke adik...
  • Secret admirer maybe...
  • Kalau gegurl tu x suke camne??? I meant no harm..
Moral value:
  • Afterwards no more komen picisan dgn rakan sekadar di muka buku dengan opposite gender.
  • If it happens that the girl is his girlfriend, I hope she mature enough to interpret the conversation.
  • But at the 1st place nape x like komen2 yang that guy reply instead of mine?
  • I should be more careful
  • Jealousy can make an innocent girl become a wicked person
ps: Afterwards I will never ever repeat this same mistakes again commenting peoples pictures especially guys who I dont know very much

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Budak UniSZA usha2 UTP

Tatkala rase ponek(penat) menanda papers students, I take a break dengan menaip entry ini. There's four class left to be done, nasib baik MCQ je. *tolong mama tanda kertas dapat upah hee~

I just return from Bandar Seri Iskandar last night around 11.30 PM. Indeed it was a long journey. The agenda was....
PARTICIPANT: Ajin a.k.a Uda a.k.a Shim Pajin (my brother)
DEPART: 12 sumthin' 2 noon (24th April 2012)
ARRIVAL: 8 sumthin' PM

Firstly I wanna share how proud I am of my baby brother for his achievement. Before leaving our house Daddy ask weather it was okay to go there by his Merc which is not really spacious for 3 of us ( Along x dapat join coz ade test). Green light coz Along xde & MPV terlalu berat for long journey. WHICH bring me a flashback of our childhood moment......

When we were staying at JB, we only got a chance one in 2 month to visit our grandparents in Temerloh. The journey takes forever that time coz highway was not fully done yet. Mama was right 3 of us did grow up in the car. After a few round of drama between me and Along and a few cubitan maut dari Mama baru la sampai. Tapi best mengenangkan that time Babah bought us the same sunglasses (same design but different colours) * that time Raims didn't exist yet
Mama pulak jahit bantal curve untuk kitorg bertiga, redcheckers design with different skirting for each pillow. My parents really creative in giving stuff to cheer up their children.

Since we need a place to crash just for sleeping, Daddy decides that we sleep at homestay which we never ever done it before. The place was not bad but only one bedroom was air-conditioned, so all of us slept in one room (pdhal x berani nak tdo seperated coz WE dont really know the place). After solat, we had our dinner at Secret Recipe coz Raims kempunan nak mkn Cordin Bleu Chicken which not available in Kuantan  xtau kenape. Then we went to TESCO to buy some food utk Ajin coz tomorrow by 7.30 dah kene ada kat sana. I got new purse + bag + t-shirt + new pyjamas and some tudung too. It was a rough night for me to sleep which I can't come out with any reason. The person who should be anxious is Ajin, die yang nak interview.
gune je la beg ni for practicum
sukenye dpt purse JC :)

Next morning, I am amazed by a construction of UTP. We have to listen to a briefing before the interview start. I can see all the excellent students there who got straight A's and get offered to come. While the briefing is still on, I sneak out coz it's too cold in the hall and I have Mr. Qawiem waiting for me outside who sacrifice his study time for test at 3pm that day. He is our AFS friend (returnee from Turki). He studied business there. Yup he is the one who performed at KLCC and gave ice-cream for my birthday. That day dapat chocolate blackforest plak hihi :D
He show me around and met my parents. He is like YB or Dato' there, he know everyone in the campus. Then people start to give "smile" to us. Don't misunderstood people, even kakak at the convenience store in campus tease us. Then he said 'ni mak la..When his friend ask who am I he introduced me as his 'Mak or Mak cik'...Last time i was his Mak cik so as this time. Takot sangat market jatuh :P
Any way thanks for your time, my mum keep on praising you for being sweet and blah...blah...blah... Ralat x dpt bergambar ngan u this time.^^,

What I can say about that place is... IT WAS SO HOT...Seriously..Tabik kat Kak Belle, Buck and Qawiem yang boley stay kat sane. Ye la kawasan utara kan. Thank god I wear one layer cloth not a dress with cardigan and such. The interview finished at 3pm then we leave the place and stop by at UIA Gombak to see my beloved Along and have early dinner.  Lupe plak singgah kat Tapah beli fruits and I was lost there since I just woke up and looking for toilet which is so far from the place where Daddy drop us.HUa2

Monday, April 23, 2012

Journey with 1 aim

Since next semester is already practicum I have start looking for a thing that I don't have as a future teacher. (waahhh x caye rase) I think I got all stuff I need but only this one thing. HANDBAG. I've already look for it at 3 malls in Kuantan but there's none suit for my taste. Am I that fussy??? IDTS. I'm not looking for super fancy handbag. All the design is too grown ups. I'm not fond of leather type of beg. For me it looks too professional and high class. But if I chose to use beg that made by canvas it would be inappropriate. What I've been looking for is a denim handbag. That all! 
Ok I've found one but it cost RM600++ and after discount RM300++ (WHAT!!) If not officially a teacher yet, why bother to buy an expensive one, plus my mum's handbag cost so much cheaper than that (kot)
If and only if I can use a backpack like handbag just like I have now, life could be so much easier.
Somehow, I disappointed with myself for being this fussy. I am very fussy in choosing handbags and shoes. Why I look them as a big deal..errgghh

I also like a handbag which have buckle at the side of it like a place where we can put our phone in it or have a metal element on it. Maybe I should be a handbag designer instead of teacher.(which not gonna happen)
I'm gonna continue this search to Perak if possible. I must have one handbag at least.Wish me luck.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

De Kelinchi of mine

Nickel II is our rabbit which we set it free jumping around. Yup we didn't put him/her *dunno the gender since 4ever but  it always comeback.
I'm the next ping pong player
 It's a surprise from my mum...I thought she want to give me a box which I need that time but this creature was in it..Nak bwk ke kampus boley?? I wish I got the kancil in a vehicle version for next semester...PLEASE2 ~
wish to have smokey eyes like mine??
forget it~

Friday, April 20, 2012

Crazy idea

I have this crazy idea that I have kept in mind for quite sometimes (actually i have shared with my roommate). I'm thinking to write a letter form post from time to time. That letter entitle 'A letter to a husband' & ' A letter to a daughter'. I know it sound insane. People will said "You're not married and You didn't have a child yet (not even pregnant)" ske r ni blog kite

I was inspired by a slot in Oprah where's a mum make videos for her daughter after she was diagnose to have a cancer that can't be treated and getting worse. She record/filming every single thing she want to say/advice/teach to her daughter (me and my mum cried along the slot as expected). The reason why she did that to make sure her daughter will never feel she is not around and she want her daughter received every single things that she want to say. Even if she feel sad and crying in the middle of the nyte she will filming it. I forgot to tell, at the time the doctor told her about her illness, her daughter is still a baby.

For me to make a video? Hurmmm....It will take a lot of gb to film, so I use a traditional method. So just wait for it. :)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

20 me :)

Rumah sweet rumah...After a few days bermastautin di Setapak..Wat pe?? Saje jalan2..hee
Kononnye celebrate my 20th Birthday..Yup i'm no longer a teen and i'm still in my denial phase.. I'M STILL A TEEN...My birthday this year had been phenomenal...ain't like celebrations before...cake and heaps of present.. for all family and friends thank you very much for your wishes,doa and love you gave.. FYI feel free to wish anytime you like within this whole month (senyum sampai telinga).

Lets flash back~ 6 April 2010
After subuh macam biase, start my day by read 2 pages of Holy Quran. My family members seems to aware quite late about the date that day. Normally I am the one who ask around about the date. Since I am an adult that day so, I just keep it to myself. Then my parents and siblings start to wish a give hugs & kisses.. Nah nah...not demanding for any present coz I already get it in advance (handphone) Mama bg 50 bucks (wink2)
Then my day just go on like that... My closest friends do text and call. Ida  sing me a song and send it through multimedia text but I could not open it until now, still figuring out how to make it able to play. Teha already give me a little pink stitch plush toy be4 I leave for a holiday.

tq Tiha <3
 I got text from Ms Ilman which sound serious. She said she got something to tell me sounds like her personal problem I assumed. I waited for her that night to come which turn out to be a surprise for my birthday.To Ada, E-man, Nanan, P-jo, Faqar, Fadzil, Abe, Wani Thank you guys..Korang sweet sgt..
that's the real cake...

Celebrate ngan family lambat sikit coz nak tunggu Along ade sekali. Kebetulan Babah ade Dinner untuk Farewell kawan die kat The prince, kami pon ke Key-el. Sadly, Daddy was not there but his card does (if u know what I mean lol) Since Pavi is juz across the road we had our dinner there, At first I want to knoe what TGI jUMAAT offer but after sitting there for 15 minutes and I felt like I was at ZOUK then I told my mum I wanna have a lobster at Market Ikan Manhattan :) THAT WAS MY FIRST TIME EATING LOBSTER!!! (excuse for over excited expression).. I've been long for lobster in my entire life and at my 20th birthday I ate it. It was legendary..
that's my birthday cake from my family :)

My brother and I decided to stay at my Mokde's house for few days. The day our parents left us is the day our parents come back to Setapak because Trajet  can't make it, it breakdown at Genting Sempah. Alhamdulillah Mama, Babah n Raims ok. The car had been tow from there to workshop in city. Therefore our parents go back to Kuantan with our grandparents who happen to stay at Putrajaya with my another aunt. Wednesday is a public holiday, so they will come to pick us and the car back. That was an unfortunate event for us but thank to Allah nothing bad happened.

In our stay (Ajin & me), tolong Mokde masak2. FYI, when my parents went to Mekah for their 1st pilgrimage we stayed with our Mokde so we quite close. First Mokde drop us at Wangsa Walk and we decided to watch Street Dance there. Afterwards we went to KLCC to meet up with our AFS friends Qawiem and Byou who didn't know each other. Qawiem is studying at UTP, he happened to have a performance to collect fund under UTP at Petronas Tower and Byou is my brothers' friend who is KLians who can show us around. Saya juga dapat makan SUBWAY, time stay kat Mackay dulu crave tp x halal kat sane..At last steak & cheese sandwich is in my tummy..yeay... Thank you Qawiem for a not very cheap ice-cream u gave for my birthday (Ajin dapat jugak) and you have guts to lie just to escape and see me..Thank you :D
Thank you Byou and Didi for showing us around :D
TQ U ^0^
me, Byou, Qawiem & Ajin

The morning before our parents arrived, Mokde took us to Festival City KL which just opened and I got another ice-cream but this time a yogurt ice-cream. I had an unfortunate event there where's my slipper decided to snap and I have to buy a new one..Unfortunate coz I have to buy it using my own money :(
There's one nyte during our stay Mokde trat us dinner where I have 8 huge tiger prawn in my Char Kuey Teow...It was (rainbows come out from my mouth)..I ate all of them..Yup all...When I said all means..with head+shell everything..Seafood is my favourite food hee~
sourberry yum2

So far my April is awesome (Banana smile)

Monday, April 2, 2012

Studying for this semester break

Recently I just got a birthday gift in advance from my daddy (thank you Babah). He gave me Samsung Galaxy Y Duo which actually his but then he bought Galaxy S II for himself. At the beginning I thought my x2-02 cannot operate perfectly but now suddenly it works well. Since I got three numbers my dad thought my life would be easier if I just have to carry phones less than 3 ( my brother thinks I should stop use too much numbers). 
former phone
today phone

Anyway back to the story, I use dual sim phone before (CSL Blueberry) its works well even it's not durable. I understand her better than my galaxy Y duo. I still can't figure it out how to send a text using the 2nd sim and the 1st sim. It didn't ask "sending by sim 2?" or  "sending by sim 1?". My dad said "tak kenal maka tak cinta" but then I didnt know it yet. 
It takes time to build this love even it just a gadget ( normally I fell for a gadget easily but not this time). I need someone to teach me about this thing. I have so much thing to ask. AAAAaaaaaaa

Good news coming....الحمد لله

After one, another good new coming to my family. ALHAMDULILLAH~
SPM result just came out. Not really just,its already quite a while ago. Ajin made it with flying colours which actually he has change our family history. He is the first one who got straight A's in our siblings. I got the news during the camp (straight away burst into tears). Eventually I told Hajar about it, she spontaniously cried too. Thanks Hajar for the tears of happiness you shared. Now Ajin is busy applying for his scholarship to everywhere. How much him and I hoping for overseas, the other me pray for him not to leave this house and further his study here locally. I can't imagine myself coming home without him waiting. It's too sad to imagine. By the way my beloved brother I'm very proud of you. Witnessing you growing up and makes our family proud makes me overwhelm. You almost like a twins for me just lack 2 years after :p He's now just cut his hair off coz he nazar for it.
I wish I can go there once again

The second good news would be, after one and another proposing, My parents got an invitation letter that they've been waiting for. Second time for pilgrimage with my grandparents to Mecca. All of us proposing to go but then we didn't get any approval for that. My parents got accepted with the reason to accompany my grandparents to perform their second Haj too. I'm quite devistated because I dont get the chance to go there after the Umrah I've made when I was 5. (if it was counted) But I'm glad my parents got the chance to go there this time. I f i'm not mistaken they will go during end of this year pilgrimage season. I'm sure that time my practicum just ended. I hope it's a break time so that I can look after my brothers. Suddenly I have this flashback playing in my head. When I was in standard 3, my parents went to Haj for a first time. Four of us lived with our aunt in Setapak and 3 of us schooled at Al-Amin Gombak. It was a hard time for me and Ajin because we never stay far apart from my parents. I remember how pure my dad face when he want to fetch 
me on the bus immediately after he returned from the pilgrimage. Back then I'm such a cry baby (even now still).