Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tiya / Tiha xoxo

This post will be only about you Tiha my beloved adorable roomate. Rather than write it in boring sentences, i'll make a list for you.

What I love about you:

  • Anything bad I did you'll take it positively
  • You always lend your ears no matter what
  • I've never met anyone as well-mannered as you
  • You make photo of us as your phone wallpaper
  • You always there for your friends even they hurt you
  • It's hard to find what I dont like about you
Things that remind me of you:
  • my blog songs
  • whenever I open my eyes from sleep (coz u the 1st person I see)
  • turquoise *dunno why
  • our room *posto puesto (of course)

  • when the first time I take the room key and your name was written as my roomate I feel overjoy + thankful + thrill about it
  • I pray for your success in study+love+fortune
  • you always have me anytime you need me
  • thank you for understand and 'tahan' with me *u know what I mean
  • nothing u have to change about urself
  • your determination in studies
  • I feel reluctant to not to be your roomate for next semester, it will be hard for me not to be your roomate anymore next sem :(

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