Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Kak Lia's Wedding

Kini ku mengerti pengorbanan Ibu... Demam2 pon kene sorts everything around house. Nasib baik la  memang x suka manjakan fever ni. Alhamdulillah dapat serve baked macaroni untuk 2 baby bro *baby sangat~ MamaBabah dah nak balik dah dari Mekah..Yeay, soon I'll no longer a housewife but maybe just for a moment, will becoming one if I got married (senyum x ikhlas).

Last weekend, I went to Kak Lia's wedding (Ida's 3rd sister). That was the main event of the week but to reach that event, it was quite a journey. Ajin janji nak teman to attend the wedding. Nasib baik ada adik yang available serta baik hati utk teman gi Somban. It happened the kenduri start 8PM, so takot meyh nak ulang-alik sorg2. So, the journey started by me n Rhymes driving to kg at Temerloh and spent 1 night there. The next day, bertolak ke KL. We were planning to stay at Gombak, since Wan asked to drop something at Setapak so we have to drop by Mokde's house. It happens that I dont remember the route to Mak Ngah's place. No offence, I am having trouble remembering route anywhere unfamiliar. Yela all this while Babah is the one who drive and me sleeping at the back. Lucky me, Mak Ngah wait for me at Festival city which is very near from Mokde's house. I am facing difficulties in order to reach Taman Melati next day from Gombak alone. Masa tu memang sesat dan terperangkap dalam traffic, what is in my mind "Kalau aku patah balik Gombak mesti malu coz Engah dah siap lukis peta cantik2, tp aku sesat jugak", what I did was I drive to UIA and easily find my way to Setapak even time isi minyak tu kene ngorat ngan tukang pam minyak, I reached Setapak safe and sound. 
electric blue dress + last minute rm10 shawl

simple & sweet  deco bilik pengantin

Lepas ni giliran sape ek ?

Aim drop me at LRT station Taman Melati and I change to KTM at KL Sentral. Ajin and I were promised to meet at Nilai stop but then Ajin said he will go to Seremban first and wait for me there. Along the journey in the train I just plugged in my ear and busy playing word search book Mak Ngah bought for me the other day. Dari main game or texting and habis kan bateri phone, baik main cross words kan2.
peneman setia

Naseb baik ade 2 jejaka kacak teman =D
The most annoying event was sitting at ladies coach in KTM train and having Indian guy in groups sitting and standing around me. It is a ladies coach and obviously you guys dont look like ladies to me. What are you guys doing near me?? Errrgghhh...Takot campur annoyed...After one stop to another, my shawl dah macam sardine, the cross word games makes me sleepy, seriously x sabar nak sampai Seremban. Turun je train, it was drizzling and Ajin with his tall and handsome friend was waiting. OOO so this is Susu the triplets. Susu a.k.a Hariz is the first child from the triplets. Dia nak tumpang balik Kuantan so terpaksa la join journey kami. Susah kot nak jumpa kembar tiga since I am fan of kembar thingy, banyak sangat soalan tanya die. He's really sweet and we instantly get along well, naseb baik dia x panggil aku kakak. He didn't address me which is a good thing and I used 'aku' 'kau' dont know why. Fun facts! He gave 8 out of 10 for my kek batik :) *8 je??!!

pelamin cantik

Sesat jugak taxi driver tu nak cari rumah Ida, nak harap kan aku ingat jalan xde la even I've been there once but the road is so confusing. Xpe la Susu yang bayar taxi that time hihi. Akad nikah dah selesai dah time tu, cantik sangat khemah + pelamin +bilik pengantin everything la. At first, kitorg ingat x dapat stay until night but Along (Ida's 1st siste) insist us to stay, so we cancel our taxi. Time nak pose kat pelamin tu ade plak peristiwa yang spoilkan my happiness. There were dawai kokot yang x properly staple into the pelamin and stuck at my dress then my dress ade hole kecik but still obviously seen. Mule2 cover ngan backpack Susu coz his backpack is lighter than Ajin's. Then Ida bg pinjam cardigan. Baru sekali pakai that kind of dress tau. Naseb baik hujan so xde la panas sangat. BTW shawl tu last minute beli area sri gombak, mula2 pki elok je tp bile dah half way perjalanan, hancus rupenye tp fabric die selesa even rm 10 je.
Here's the bride
Sempat berkenalan ngan sedara Ida yang mengheret dslrnye ke hulu ke hilir, student UMP and sebaya Along but he looks like we're in  the same age. Fawwaz adik Ida pon balik dari Indon, die belaja kat pondok. He is 2 years younger than me but seems very reliable maybe because he's the only guy in the family. Around 9 o'clock we leave the kenduri which just started. In the train sambung main crossword but this time ade org teman..Susu, ko ni lambat jugak ek cari missing words, anyway tq coz teman main even half way je and half heartedly (busy texting ). Oh lupe, time nak naik KTM dari KL Central I insert the ticket in a wrong place, x psal2 pekerja kat situ kene bukak the thing utk ambik my ticket, padahal it was not my first time naik KTM. Maybe sebab nak make sure orang nampak macam aku org area KL kot. The reason why I act confident and buat2 tau everything so that no one will take advantage. Yela coz teringat pesanan Ada, 'If g KL n travel gune train make sure wat muke confident so that no one will trace we're not from out of town coz any crime can happen'. Bila jalan sorg2 ni mule la paranoid kan tp its good la kan be cautious.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Eid Adha 2012

Aidiladha tahun ni terase sangat perbezaannye dengan yang sebelum2 ni. Ye la MamaBabah was not around. Sebak je dengar takbir raya. Raya pertama kami beraya dengan Aki & Wan kat Kerdau. Disebabkan Mama xde, I was incharge for Mommy's job. Dari breakfast ke masak daging korban. Wowwiee that's a big leap. Ye la xkan nak tinggalkan Wan buat keje sorang2 kan. Time solat mesti rase nak nangis biase nye time orang zikir Mama suke usap2 tangan ni. Waaa xleh cite lebih2 nanti nangis pulak.. Haha hobby I mmg menangis >..<
Nane datang beraya umah Wan, bile jumpe Nane kurang sikit rindu kat Mama. Mereka punya perangai sejibi2. Then gi KL beraya rumah abang2 Babah, kurang sikit rindu kat Babah. Raya ke-2 celebrate birthday Arafah sempena hari Arafah.
Ok xtau nak tulis ape dah =)

We all doing fine MommyDaddy

Iman + Adelia +Arafah

Xrupe mcm ibu kepada 4 org anak

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Pimp My Ride

Mile Fererro Rocher is already reach 2k. Jauh dah awak berjalan ye. Nanti den nak bawak ekau ko Somban kalau xdo aral melintang. I never stop feeling blessed to have a car in this age which makes everything easier (x perlu kot nak bagitau satu dunia). So far baru mencucinye 2 kali but with my own hands just once. Tu pun macam x lulus lagi coz x bilas betul2. Babah cakap, "Ni kenapa ade kesan habuk2 sabun ni? Next time bilas betul2, so that next day xde la ade kesan sabun camni." (nodding)

There's a show on MTV Pimp My Ride recently. Asal muncul je ad cite tu dengan pantas aku picit remote tukar channel coz the show only happens in US, plus kete2 ni Along je yang obsess terhadapnye. So not my thing~ Since dah membela sebuah kereta terpaksa lah nak xnak kene tau a lil bit here and there about engine and stuff kan. Pada suatu hari, tengah seronok2 tgk Friendzone kegemaranku (lame~) Altimate berkate2 di sebuah iklan yang berlokasi di Volkswagen which just opened currently di Kuantan about Pimp My Ride Malaysia. Tiba2 mata ku tidak berkelip lagi, lagi2 1st contestant happen to be from Kuantan. Bestnye kalau boleh make over kete (duit xde berangan je mampu).

Memang since forever berangan nak ada kete kaler Pink. Unfortunately, crime rate which involve women is very high these days. It worries me more when Babah post this long post about those crimes and one of them involving car pirate (just came out with the name). If that so, how about make it the outer appearance as rough and intimidating as possible and the interior would be as girly as possible. Ok x?? Good idea~ Great idea~

Imagine it has wheels and exhaust :p

Long Holiday ~

Hari Khamis ni cukup seminggu Mama & Babah di tanah suci. Rase macam kosong je rumah ni. Dapat tau Along & Ajin nak balik, terisi sikit. Tapi takpe, it's the time for me to learn how to manage things at home as well as taking care of Rhymes a.k.a Raimi. It's a bless in disguise, my semester break duration fit in my parents pilgrimage. I become a totally different person. I try to make sure the house look exactly like how it looks like during Mama was around. I try to think and act like her in taking care of things in the house except in cooking. Why? So far I did not cook any complete meal yet. It is not because I is malas ok. Raimi sorang je makan jadi kenape nak masak susah2 & dia asyik mintak makanan yang dah sedia ada je. Ye la esok masak Nasi Goreng, happy?? !!
Di Setapak yg Indah before hantar MamaBabah

Rhymes call me Angah (duhh~) , normally Rhymes who normally love to tease me and makes me yell at him turn out to be very polite + well behave. He keep himself busy in front of the computer all the time. Kalaau tak pun die main bola je petang2. He's growing up. Wan kat kg, Cu & Mak Ngah gradually call to make sure we are fine staying together just the two of us and to make sure I am emotionally fine as well. Kak Ida pon ada call tanye khabar sebab die duduk kat Sungai Soi je, senang la if ape2 die boleh jenguk. Tak lupa juga my beloved uncle yang baru dapat baby boy tu. Thank you semua. (amek kau Manglish I).
Parents in Ihram

Mama & Babah ada beli number so that we can contact them from here which gonna be cheaper la. It happens that my phone cant make the call. Only mine. Orang lain call have no problem at all.  Waaa manyak sedey meh. I am the one who really need to hear from them more often than anyone else. My social life if only in this house. Cakap ngan Rhymes and the rabbits je. I only tell everything to Mama when she's not around who I's going to tell?? That's the only rungutan a.k.a aduan from me. There were once Babah call which means so much to me to hear their voice even only for 2 minutes and a half. I've got so much to share which most of them is not really important so I just speak excitedly and answers all MommyDaddy's question. As long as they were fine its enough for me. I wonder la bile I will act like adult yang sometimes keep things in them je, x semua mende cite kat mak bapak.
Family Engah, Aki , Ecu & Hilmi yang turut hantar BabahMama

This whole thing remind me of 9  year old me back then. Time tu MamaBabah 1st Haj. I was in miserable place as well as Ajin. He was 7 that time. Rhymes cried for few days because he is still breastfeed but then he get use to milk from bottle and he well behave. Along was 11 who live in his own world. He enjoys school and sports. Time tu kami semua skola kejap kat Al- Amin Gombak instead of going to school with Kak Ngah and Aim (cousins). Babah kalau boleh xnak ktorang ketinggalan subjek2 Agama that time. Me and Ajin got huge problem in managing our tears at school. I hardly recall when is the time I am laughing that time. Ade2 time Eda(uncle) balik happy sebab Eda kan abang Babah so rindu pun macam kurang la bila Eda balik which is jarang coz he is a busy man.Lagi satu bile Kak Ngah balik bawak sticker, waaa happy siot. Mokde banyak berkorban untuk kitorang, sampai penah datang sekolah sebab pejabat call. Sorry Mokde(aunt) for making fuss during those days. During weekend Mokde tanye nak ke mane? Rumah Cu? Kampung? Rumah Engah? I still remember Babah's face entering the school bus to pick us up because they have already return home. Oh lupe, Along sekolah sesi pagi jadi susah nak jumpa, two of us yang emotionally unstable sokmo ni sekolah petang. Haha time flies~

Friday, September 28, 2012

Story behind the picture

Practicum is over !!! :D
Practicum is over ~ :(
There's 2 different expression there.
Thank you to my beloved students yang bagi hadiah ni. What I notice about them, they really excited in giving present to their teacher. Kadang2 sorang bagi lebih dari sekali sebab tengok kawan die punye gift lagi best. Teacher jugak yang untung. Hee~
I am very touched with what my students have done to me. Kalau yang year one they have no idea yang that day is our final day until they notice their seniors one by one come to me and ask for phone numbers, fb etc. and give me presents. After they know, they take a piece of paper and wrote " I love (forget how to spell my name then check out my nametag) Athirah". Ada sorang tu datang dekat dan tanya, "Teacher boleh x kite nak cium pipi teacher?". Terharunye ~ But that day my tears didn't came out at all, not because I am not touched but I just cant. Maybe sebeb dah banyak nangis earlier that week. I gave my students handkerchief with cartoon characters on it, most of them Angry Birds. WHY? It resemble me who can't be separated with handkerchief (hyperhidrosis). My teaching days have already over, the conclusion is I dont want to be a teacher. I think I prefer to be like my dad as a lecturer. I love kids but kids nowadays are different than during my days. Still want to teach but for upper level. Kene sambung sampai master la kot.

Huge things come with huge responsibility.This is the huge responsibility that i meant. I call him FERRERO ROCHER. Not the car on the right side ok that's daddys', mine is SAGA FLX. Saje tangkap gambar sebelah2 coz kete Babah rendah sikit hee~
Syukur Alhamdulillah rezeki Allah bagi dapat sebiji kete yang akan mempermudahkan urusan ku di masa hadapan. A perfect rebound after loosing Honda City yang ku rindui. Juz now me myself hantar FR for his 1st service after 1000 mile. Student banyak bagi soft toy knowing teacher die baru dapaat vroom2. Suddenly Mama kate, 'Bahaya letak anak patung dalam kete, nampak sangat pemandu perempuan. Nanti jadi target penjenayah.' Le me, "Yes Mommy~"
Babah pula inbox and letak kat komen pasal jenayah and precautionary step for female driver yang panjang berjela. Rupa2nye Aim juga mendapat SAGA sejibi-jibi macam FR tp warna hitam he call his SAGA Black Forest a.k.a BF. Pandai je aku bagi nickname. 92's  baby in the family pakai saga blake.

Next week, Mommy & Daddy will fly to Mekah for pilgrimage. Since my semester break just started I will stay at home and take a good care of not so baby brother who already in high school. At first, my parents want to leave him at Putrajaya with Daddy's sister, since a complicated procedure to change to another school temporarily is such a waste of time and they got no time to kill. I am the one who will take care of Raims for a few weeks remaing. It is such a waste of time because school holidays is just around the corner, so to undergo those complicated procedure to change school? Naahh~ I'll try my best not to fight and love my brother with care and patiently (sarcasm on). Just pray for my best. During night, Ada will accompany us by spending the night a.k.a sleepover everynyte..haha...Paket2 kecil bekalan Mama & Babah utk ke Mekah nanti...Without Mummy knowing sepaket selamat ku telan..hua hua (upah le kire). Kalau mama pesan time kat Terengganu boleh beli banyak sikit, last2 beli kat tepi sungai Kuantan je. Cupcake yang comel itu pula ditempah oleh Kak Long Nadia ku. She have a friend here who have a cupcake business, so she ask her friend to send over our house. Long distance surprise gitu. Comel sgt coz on top of it ade fondant kaabah + gambar lelaki pakai kopiah + pompuan pakai tudung awning biru. ^^,

3 pictures, lots of stories <3 p="p">

Monday, September 10, 2012

Baju raya warne ape??

Hai blog yang dah bersawang~ Memang sengaja ditinggalkan sbb targetnye setelah habis puase enam baru nak post pasal raya. Meaning dah abis la puasa enam nye * Alhamdulillah

Still not too late to wish Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri Maaf Zahir dan Batin. Sekarang ni mesti ramai orang tengah buat open house kan, tak mau jemput saya ke?? Hee~~Takpe no offence, I pon on diet ni (cover muka tak malu).

My plan for this week, is to drive home for the first time from campus to Kuantan (rasa diriku sangat dewasa kini). Tapi takot pule mahu drive sorang2, bertambah takot lagi tatkala Daddy meng-inbox di FB pasal jenayah yang melibatkan wanita drive sorg2 (lagi seram sejuk ye). Ingat nak ajak cousin tercinta MissAlia since dia pula ade Koko. TRIVIA: MissAlia kini menuntut di UMT seberang pagar kampus ku menyambung degree-nya. Ok la xpe try tanye rakan2 satu course yang nak balik Kuantan *result unknown.
So let say ade teman balik Kuantan, how about teman nak balik ke kampus? Kak Belle, x balik Kuantan this week so x dapat la balik together2 ngan die. TRIVIA: Kak Belle 2nd cousin yang sedang bekerja di Kerteh. Why is it so important untuk pulang? Firstly, Ahad cuti Hari Malaysia *wink. Secondly, Mama nak buat open house this coming Monday (le me ponteng tak g skola). Since I am the only girl, sian Mama tunggang terbalik sorang2 kat dapur, guys…there are sort of things yang only me can do. So kene balik, syurga dibawah tapak kaki ibu kan * senyum sampai telinga

Ayuh flashback ke Hari Raya pertama untuk tahun ini. (prepare yourself for the lengthy unimportant story of mine). Honestly, Aidilfitri kali ni I only feel only until people finish performing solat Raya (coz le me cannot perform L). I ate Lemang during 3rd Raya and I can’t find any reason for that. Lepas solat Raya Uncle and boys pergi main futsal pula. X sure lepas solat Raya or malam Raya. Normally time Raya akan melawat saudara mara kat Pulau Tawar & Sungai Koyan, since Raya one week je x terkejar dibuatnye. Shin Pa Jin pule cuti until 3rd Aidilfitri only. Raya ni tak jumpa pon Mokde Ida di Setapak coz mereka beraya di Kedah. L

As usual ada Barbeque Night di Rumah Mak Lang at Jerantut. Main2 mercun, main2 bakar ayam, main2 makan..waaahh main je keje nye. That’s the only time for Mama to hangout with her sisters yang susah nak jumpa tu yang very the havoc la wa cakap lu. Time tu kalu batang idung ni x duduk kat dapur pon Mama x perasan gamaknye. Then ke Kuala Lipis untuk tengok baby girl Kak Ma. Raya kali ni anak saudara & ibu saudara deliver baby. Untie Liza pon dapat baby boy di Kuantan.

Then,  melawat aunty and uncle di Gombak  and spent the night at Putrajaya. Singgah di Festival City shopping sebentar where a got a new watch J. Next day say good bye to Shin Pa Jin. First time la menjejak kaki di INTI College di Nilai.Balik2 rumah nangis kat bantal Ajin coz rindu begitu lah selalunye.
Sambutan Lebaran bersambung di SK Kompleks Gong Badak. Kami bertiga dok paka baju ghaye pong. Masing2 pakat2 paka baju bese2 ja. *buruk le aku cakap ganu                          

  Meriah la tengok student semua pakai baju raya hari pertama and dapat duit raya pulak. Pastu jamuan hari Raya. Ada pulak student yang bagi duit Raya time tu, tak kurang jugak yang mintak duit Raya. Cakap pasal duit Raya, di umur 20 tahun ini duit raya still dapat banyak J.
I got one extra day to spend my Raya with my high school friends. So I only visited to 3 teachers houses but they got to visit more than 3 houses. Short and sweet evening we had spent.  Still cant believe it, 3 years have passed after graduated from high school.
 Ok la x best la tulis panjang sangat korang kan visual learner, jom tengok gambar.

Tema baju raya : kaler bangunan buruk




Place where mommy grow up

beraya di rumah cikgu

Anak2 sedara

Kak Ma and her new baby

Friday, August 10, 2012

5th floor

Remember when I told ya currently I am staying at 5th floor at Block E. There are pros that I keep on telling myself to senangkan hati yang kerap mengeluh ini. * Even writing this makes me breath harder just by imagine the whole thing. 
I should  be grateful living in a spacious bedroom with plenty of private places plus dont have to queue every single morning to have a shower. But *a huge BUT
After go through such a tiring day at school, yelling and shouting especially during Ramadhan, me and my roomies keep on saying "Why we have to go through this every day? why?"
Look girls we can see the roof through it :x
To make things seems too so much  worse, for these past few nights there were storm, the rough one. So that our bedroom ceiling come off and we can see the roof. Thanked god the roof was not leaking during raining, it would be a disaster if its happen.
Yesterday wee try to fix them by poking it using a broom. Unfortunately, the ceiling piece fell down to the floor and break into two, YEAY *sarcasm on  
Now all of us can see the roof when we lying down, juz imagine we can see stars through it errgghh~
During noon our room will be extremely hot and got a warm wind through the ceiling.

Let's look everything in different perspective shall we?
Telling myself that by climbing up those stairs for the rest of these coming 2 semesters is actually another way of exercising since I am too busy being a teacher (busy kah?) I am loosing some weight now *showing my retainer with wide smile. Baru muat baju raya nanti hihi. I always find a reason so that I can run through those stairs. Since now is fasting month, I have to go to Bazaar near the cafe and perform my Tarawikh at masjid/surau. It's like killing 2 birds with 1 stone, exercising and got pahala. * I should do this more often
It feels like a gateway from duniawi thingy for a moment you know ~ I hope I have inner strength to be Istiqomah in doing this. GO ME!!
School story time~
Recently Kak Lia (our advisor) ask me a favor to look after 5 Al-Batutta for her coz she have a meeting for year 6 teachers. I teach that class so I know them quite well, she ask me to finish the adjectives name label which I asked them to prepare in previous lesson. After finish doing that, the students have a Math homework to be completed. Many of them said they want to make Math at home since its a homework, ok that's fine for me I just asked them to stay calm and be in the class all the time. Unfortunately, kids are being kids even they already eleven and in intelligent group of students *sarcasm on
adjectives name label

There were few of them running in and out even I scolded them for few times the didn't listen. Then, I stand up and walk out the class without saying anything. Few of them chased after me and keep on apologizing by I say nothing. It's really pissed me off coz they took my order for granted and very disrespectful. I already in the middle of frustration with them since they didnt take care of a 'Star Board' that I have made for them. I already prepared them 2 times coz it tore apart once.
To console me back, a few of them come and apologize and a person who was walk out from the class send me a letter of apology. I received few of them from the students even other class heard about the incident. Some of them also tell me they recreate star board on their own to make me happy. I vow to myself I will not become sulky when it come to conflict between students but I cant help it. It's really turn my nerves on. I said to them afterward I will become a boring teacher rather than having fun during my class. I'm not sure I can do so.

Apology letters

star board take 2

Sunday, August 5, 2012


Salam Ramadhan Akhi wa Ukhti ~
Macam tinggal lagi 2 weeks la kan puasa.From day to day I keep on procrastinating published this post coz idea tersekat..

dap errr
Since it's Ramadhan let's no talk Lagha2 thingy. Just wanna share the excited feeling I had last weekend. (Tim kayya??) For the first time le me been to Seremban (troll face). Yup le 20 years old me never been to Somban before, I feel very lucky to have a friend from Somban, no other than Mizz Farida. It have been an amazing experience since she is a Sharifah who might have slightly different from me in terms of family background (even  if kawan I yang bukan Sharifarah terang tang2 memang ade banyak perbezaan kan * ape masalah gua nih?!)
No larh, her family suka berkhasidah and listen to them which is something new for me, I heard them before but not as much as during my stays (which is good la kan). She have 5 siblings but during my stay there were only here two sister s around. They both treat me well * shukew cangat coz kitew xdew kakak :p Just like her sisters said "Having a sister is fun...but juz for a few days". Noted~

During my stay, I'm just being a Koala eating + sleeping..Molek bonar duk rumah orang wat perangai camtu muahaha. Ummi and Led ( Ida's parents) treated me very well. Ummi teach me to make karipap pusing. Hehe first time making curry puff I did quite well la kot (padahal xde rupe karipap pon) but at least it can be eaten.
that's how my karipap looks like :p

Led sgt cool masak Char Kuey Teow

Puding roti Ummi 

OTW ke Jusco

Selamat datang ke Serem...huk huk

Time balik, there was an unfortunate event.Our bus arrival was delayed. Not really delayed but much worse than that. Not coming. We took this Bas Tambang to take us to Pudu if I was not mistaken, in that rainy day. Three of us (me, Ida and Mia) depart from Somban to take another bus to Terengganu. Guess what, another unfortunate event, our seat was taken by foreigners who can speak Malay and they dont want to change place with us. I bear with it until we reach RnR Bentong. I tell the bus driver that I can sit at the back of the bus because I was bouncing like a dodge ball. That cool looking solve our problem.

Friday, July 13, 2012

T.E.A.C.H.E.R - torture

Including this week, its over a month already le me undergo practicum at my beloved school. Yeappady doo I already fell in love with the school. Of course la there a few unfavourite incidents that have to go through everyday but it doesn't mean it will ruin the rest of my day. Let's start with 1st sub topic shall we....

Le Guru Pembimbing

Syukur Ahamdulillah dapat Kak Lia as my guru pembimbing. She always updated me the DO'S and DONT'S in teaching my students as well as in being an English Teacher in this school. She treat 3 of us like a sister. Guess what, during sport day me and teacher Ida went to her house. I like everything about her house, it is not very spacious but she organized her house very well. The arrangement of the furniture is just amazed me, she managed to put the furniture accordingly match with the spaces in her house. She have a scrambler which she rides with her husband to avoid hustle and bustle of Terengganu traffic which is very cool for a mum with two kids.
sports day
I wore Arsenal jersey that day and students keep on saying "Arsenal tok beh ticer." and "Teacher minat Arsenal ke?" Then I said to them, "Football is not my thing, I wear it just because it is red in colour and I am in red team". There goes a weird look made by them and followed by a Malay translation from me and that's how it goes everytime Teacher Athirah speaks English.


First time I enter my class, 5 B AND 5 K, I paste a star board to give points for group that obey the terms and condition that I've prepared which must be followed (korg ingat contest je ke ade terms and conditions). It is to giving points to groups that able to follow the rule. There are 4 different colours of stars and each of them have different points. I also tell them for those who did not bring their book at the time they were ask to do so, they will have to stand at their place and "tongkat hidung". At first, I thought they will feel embarrassed to do so but they didn't. They immediately do so after I finished mention about it, I drop the punishment because they seems to enjoy the consequences.

I got the idea from my mum. She did that to her year six students and they try very hard not to get the punishment but not for my students. Then I have no idea how to punish them but for sure they seems to enjoy my star board which not make them feel bored :p
student bagi (tau2 je teacher suke pink

before mereka berlari

with teacher2 cantik

cute pose 

Saturday, June 23, 2012


Facts that you will read next come from the bottom of my heart. Going through this practicum is almost like a dream come true. Ok I know it just a practicum not me being a real teacher yet. Being a teacher not just a job, some people said it is a safest and easiest job. But for me it is more that that.
 The 1st place I went to in term of education institute is primary school at SK Sri Skudai at JB. My mum take me with her as a standard 1 student, I suppose to be at kindergarten that time coz I was only 5 years old. It was a year when my dad just finished his Master at UK. Basicly, I know nothing about how is school everyday routine that time, I just follow my mum going everywhere. It is hard to believe I still remember those tiny details such as my mum bought a glue wit red tube for me that time, I'm not sure for what but for me that glue is kind a bizarre for me :p
i dunno why I remember this
After few days, my mum send me to Tadika Iman coz I can't cope with standard 1 learning syllabus (mane xnye kat tadika UK banyak main je). Back then, I follow my mum for a few times to her school and sit at teacher's table where all student staring at me and saying " Anak teacher...anak teacher". Even I was small and naive that moment I witness all of my mum action, how she control the class, being firm yet strict at the same time. What I know, all of my mum's students love her very much even she's very strict. BTW, she's an English Teacher. 
she is a TESL graduates, me?? soon

From that moment I said to myself I want to be exactly like my mum. She raise up her kids in her own way and educate her student in a way that makes they loves her very much. During teacher's day, my mum will receive a lot of present. Its not what I wanted the same thing... presents but today I feel very touch when I see how other people children loves my mum very much. I feel jealous at 1st but then I want to have that energy + passion + ability that my mum have. I know it is not easy but I want to be exactly like her. I wrote this not to feel brag or else but  i wanna share how long I've been waiting to be at her place. A place to teach and educate next generation. 

I know there will be challenges awaits me, I hope it wont torn my spirit down. I met all kind of teachers in my life but everytime I found something that I dont like in my teacher I tell myself, one day I will be in that place. I  never had a chance to be the  favorite student of my teacher. My teachers see me just like I am JUST another student but it is fine, I still wanna be a teacher. Back then (even now) teachers around me have their own student of preferences, I always be the one that sit in the shadow. I did not begging for attention at anytime, as long as I play my role as a student, perform well in study and do all the home work.

From time to time I take not the DO and DON'TS in being a teacher. I dont want to be a teacher that I dont like back then. I have to be more creative in attracting my students to love English and be a better human being. Wish me luck :)

ps: sorry for long boring entry ^^,