Monday, December 5, 2011

Reflection cinta sms by Aiman Azlan

Tatkala morning klas by Sir Mein cancel and today is 9 Muharram, me n my friends decided to fast for this 2 days so I try to avoid any accidental sins. Nak ngadap internet tp faham2 la what we have on FB kan. I'm not trying to show off yg me today ' bajet baik' or what, but everyday is a new fresh day where I hope to be better person than yesterday. (ok the explanation is a lil bit astray). The point is I want to read something ilmiah n benificial online. I kind a miss Aiman Azlan blog n vlog so I opened his blog and read his previous entry. FYI his product (videos n written blog) is one of my source of entertainment that not makes me forgot about my duty as HIS slave.
CINTA SMS...baca la best2
The title is CINTA SMS.... I prefer every Muslim and Muslimah to read it.. It is a story about the reality of being a teenager, sometimes we trying very hard to make something haram change to halal. It is a normal thingy if you have a crush on some1 u'll start texting him/her 24/7 which actually cost a lot of money. Surely there will be a list of excuses and reasons to sy it is ok. Maybe some will say "Hang xda marka tyra, boley la hang ceramah agama kat cni" I am reminding myself too brothers and sisters, I have no different than you guys. Through AimanAzlan's story which actually is another alternative of dakwah, he also mention about how Muslims these days tend to put aside all the don'ts just for sake of adat.

Honestly for me myself, wedding songs annoys me. I thought kenduri is also time for meeting people who we lost contact. Sometimes people have to shout to have a conversation. Kesian kan..

Even though I am the only daughter in my family, I dont expect my wedding will be extra special. The topic have been raise up when I juz finished my SPM. My family and I make jokes about it, how much we want the wedding in our family be as simple as we could. * I hope I have a strength to agree whatever my dad have arrange for me on that day.

This is the love I'm looking for
BTW~ AimanAzlan  changes me a lot. She makes me aware about the fact, there are still a true Muslim guy to be my other half who I dont met yet. Like my brother said, to make me deserve that kind of man, there are few changes that I have to make. Tabarruj...I have slowly leave it which is not easy but I'll never give up. Colour lenses...the time to say goodbye to u will come...This hijrah thing is something that we can't be instantly change, it takes time. Wish me luck, pray for me.

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