Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Happy sweet 9teen Ms Al-Jufry the 4th a.k.a Sh. Farida Syed Abd Rahim. Untung la this year celebrate birthday 2 days in row kan.  I like to list few things...ready???HAHA *evil laugh

How I met u?
During Minggu 1 siswa I saw you at DABS.

1st impression?
Tomeynye die mesti Sharifah, hidung mancung semacam je, budak course ape ek?

What I dont like about you.
During 1st semester you always said ‘silau’ when u met me..x suke2
Tau la kite pakai braces kan.

You in 3 words.
Gorgeous, manja  and pending :p
yet sgt pandai ye

  • It’s a blessed to have you as a friend + sister + rakan se’manja’
  • You’re not just pretty from the outside.
  • I am so grateful when I realize I always have you.
  • Even we are not hanging out 24/7, we know we have each other.
  • Thank you for take care of me when I was sick and be there when I am feeling down.

I hope this frienship + sisterhood lasts forever. Whatever ups and downs that come between us will makes us stronger. I dont have flesh and blood sister but having you is a blessed. You know you can tell me anything because for me there’s no judging in this relationship.Don't bother what people said about you because you are fine just the way you are.  Thank you for standing beside me when worlds walks away and being my friend. Real friend.