Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I got goosebumps after I read my mum text message "Babah dah pass viva". That time I am having my lunch with my friends at campus cafe, we just finished our paper that day, got 2 more papers to sit...Thanked god I dont spit out my lunch to a person in front of me..I t is unspeakable emotion feeling happy + proud + almost burst into tears..I wanted to shout to the whole world that my dad at last finished his PhD.. I'm saying this with no intention to brag about it......but I know what he have gone through to achieve what he deserve now. I text Along to ask him whether he know about it, he said he already knew about it.Syukur sgt2.

Then I call my dad, but he didn't pick up, I guess he busy settling stuff. I finished my lunch (although I already full that time by the good news) and walk to my room as a happiest person on earth, I feel like running back to Kuantan there and then and hug my dad, despite of there were 2 more important papers to go (so back to reality).He's a Dr. now. He is the only Dr. in his sibling.. (stop it Athirah ) I just feeling so proud of him. In order for him to get to this point, there was a battlefield for more than 2 years back (or 3 years, i am so suck in number). Battlefield between himself  , wife n kids.. It is not easy to be a father, son, student husband and father at the same time. Too many things he have to sacrifice. I'm glad all the battling is over for him.

Then he call me back,he said he was at the loo ...He is on his way back to home. I ask him to drive carefully. At that moment I think my soul is already home but my body is still there in campus to take another 2 papers.

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Captain Hero said...

say my congratz to ur Dr. babah tyra.. :)