Thursday, September 22, 2011

Just can’t get enough

Arrrgghhh...It is hurt when things doesn’t turn out just like we want it to be. We juz can’t get enough ryte? Meeting new people...Exchange number...Be friends in the facebook....Getting know each other better..bla..bla...bla..Start with friendship..getting closer...feel incomplete if not contacting each other..Those things happen to all of us just in different way...even we try very hard to avoid it.

When the relationship become more serious..that one of ‘ the seven wonders in the world’ feelings occur. LOVE.....That time we’ll feel like that time is a PEAK moment of our life.. (^_^)....My world without him is like a tree without hives without honey...and all sweets idioms that came across your mind...sometimes you created your own...or even better, u become a new Shakespeare~
In this phase, even u are the most intelligent person on earth, u can turn out to be a dumbie dumb.. Trust me (talk from experience) lol~ There comes the conflict....fighting..hurting each other...ignoring each other...and juz realise u have made a huge mistake. TADAA~
wlupon xde kaitan,tp kaitannye i am caffein addicted :)
Healing part..Everyone have different way in handling or facing this phase...crying...too much laughing...ignore the feeling, although u are sobering inside (that’s me!!) stupid things...It depends how far you put yourself in that relationship...
The fact is...this cycle never stop...until we found the one who actually meant for us..the one u  already decided for us at ‘LUHULMAHFUZ’...nobody knows who and when we will meet our soulmate...For me whoever I met,knew or loved ( all in past tense), I never regret it. There always be a reason why. Basicly, its normal..get the love..loosing Principe Doesn't matter I got the person that I love or not, but it is important for me for him to be happy~ X serik2 kan bercinta


VanDerSafWan© said...

mmg xserik..hehe..mmg kite akui, single tu lbeh senang dan kdg2 xle nak lawan nafsu tu..kite same ..kekeke


love3 :)