Tuesday, August 16, 2011

past and present

Aiyyooo...x payah nak self proud sgt la kan tyra ..nak cite pasal diri sendiri je...(eee ni blog sy kan jd ske aty sy la kan..lala~) Since I wake up early for my sahur today (awal 1 jam je pon, baik g ngaji sane)...Suddenly i feel like typing/writing/blogging? Either one la kan..

I feel like sharing something about myself which relates to my behavior..(toink toink) When I was small, I was very bossy...Everyone have to listen to me~ That kind of attitude makes me very similar with Marie's attitude (because i'm a lady that'ts y) Dari kecik duk rewind cite The Aristocats, tu yg jadi cam tu.. COincidently there were 3 kittens characters in that cartoon 2 male kitten n a female kitten, that time there were only 3 of us (Along,me n Jiji)...That's how I was at home that time..
sgt adorable ye time tu :p
In kindergarten , THAT attitude remain the same..but I was more to gangster...boys at the kindergarten also cant beat me in any cases...I was a little bit tomboy (TUNGGAL PMPUAN~) that time n adik abang sgt.. That time my Along is really patient laa I tell u..kat skola asyik nak mengekor along je..kwan ngan kawan2 along...If i recall everything, me myself can't stand with that kind of girl....When I was gone for exchange programme I have host sister name Zamia. I told about how she behave to my parents. Guess what they said~ (Hurmm that kind of attitude...sounds familiar) Toink toink kantoi~

Me today~ Totally opposite with me in the past..U can judge me after u meet me or know me.. Based on what my friends said about me.. I am...soft(har har)....can't say 'NO'...manje(tua bangke x sedar)~ GEGURL SGT!!!...somehow being me (manje kind of attitude) people misjudge me as GEDIX...seriously it hurts to heard that..being outspoken makes people said I am show off....That's why I started to be a little bit low profile which that's how it should be la kan...

BUT...there always a but...I express myself differently..which is through vlogs n blogs...another thing is..my appearance..about my appearance la kan...I am so dang enthusiast     in fashion..(istighfar..sederhana dlm semua hal tyra)...that's why I dont mind to try something new..as long as still according to syarak ( i try my best to follow)...to those yg duk kritik je keje how i dressed....MYOB (mind your own bussiness)... people who love to criticic ni kan...xtau la nak ckp camne...udoh2 le ngate orgnyer...samada die sedar atau x...die telah mengecilkan hati org lain...n lg satu...die telah me'remark' dirinyer as shallow thinker...so muhasabah diri yer...(jgn sampai i wat vlog psal ni lol)

Blog post kali ni gle kentang cam jaja sikap sndiri kt org kan..basicly..people do change..Boleh je berubah dr yg kurg baik ke lebih baik..kan2..

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

أهلا وسهلا ya Ramadhan ~

With a blink of eye...Ramadhan is already started...It is sad to know that I have to fast without being around my family but its ok.. I have GC with me (gadis ciptaan).. BTW before I started to fast, I was demanding for a few food that I can get if I were home (melampau kan sy hee~)
 Since my eldest brother just started working at SECRET RECIPE..I ask him to get me spicy chicken cornish ( karipap besar je pon) a day before I decided to come home...My dad pick me up at the bus station, and he told me mum doesnt  prepare dinner coz she have tuition class tonight so what I want to have for dinner. Since I only crave for IT...I ask my dad to drop by at SecretRecipe IM to see my Along..Ske2 ambush ke kaunter n tanyer kakak kat c2 Ahmad Radhi mane kak. Tgk2 my Along is dedicatedly wiping the table..Bergaye siot..COOL sgt...Hug him n take my chicken cornish..(customer n waiter kt c2 pndang slek je, pehal wat PDA kt cni..:p)hee
last2 share berempat baru abes
He just change his job..Before this he worked at Kamdar, since he get better offer he accepted the offer from Secret Recipe. He's in uniform now y'll. Ye la break lame2 duk umah je boring kowt.. This is the time for him to gain knowledge and experience..You Go ALONG~

Tak cukup dengan tu..Since these days musim durian n my dad know I am the only children who really eat durian..hehe..so he baught the best quality durian so that we can eat it before fasting month.
I just ate 3 per day(per meal =p)
.My mum did this beyond of expectation cook..She knows I love seafood especially prawn ( i wish i have the picture, n crab so dang much. So she bought freakishly massive prawn I ever see and crabs( I dont know how many kilos are they) for my 3 days n 2 night stays at home (heaven~)..My mum said its all mine and I have to finish them within my stay coz my mom dont want to see the lefts over when I already back in campus..sob3 Thank you soo much mama..you know here...nothing suits my taste buds...but I eat to keep on surviving here..
Therefore...back in campus kne extreme diet n work ot la kan..of course...xkan nak biar bdan cam pelampung kan(even skrg already mcm anak bdak)...nanti xmuat plak baju raye I...yg xwujud lg tu (soon2)
This blog title is welcome ramadhan n...what did I wrote???hampeh la awk ni tyra...