Thursday, July 7, 2011

Me recently

Last night I didn't had enough sleep. That's why I just woke up and straight away wrote this. At 2 a.m my body suddenly awake by a 'feeling' that I haven't feel it for quite sometimes. Feeling of being in love with someone. My friends always tell me that love will come naturally in your live without your expect it. I dont know what am I thinking right now. Maybe this feeling come because I am too stress out know, so GOD lend this feeling to ease this tense down a little bit. If it so thanked GOD..I am so appreciate if it juz a short n temporary feelings coz if it not I'm not sure whether I can handle it or not.
can I handle this? ^0^

Why I am feeling tense? 2nd Secretary works + assignments + presentation + missing my family (every1 does intense. DUHH~). Normally shopping will ease these tense but I think this time it is not enough. In addition, issue with junior which kind a freak me out. *Congrats kid I am freaked out. I wish I dont have any responsibility but somehow another part of me feeling grateful  to the opportunity that I got. So that I know  how to handle this n that in such organisation. Cuddling n kissing are the important thing in my life. Its been 4 weeks I dont get any of it. Dont misunderstood here. I'm some kind of pervert ok. I mean cuddles n kisses from my family. Not get any of it make me feel neglected *baru 4 mggu keccoohh
Saw one by one of my friends went home and their family came to visit make me feel very lonely. I want it too (we cant everything we want sis)

What else I can say other than..ATHIRAH take it like a grown ups.. You are not a baby anymore..

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