Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Win Heart N Mind

This program is under co curricular of uni which all Diploma sem3 have to take part. In it there's a programme under TESLIAN where we have to conduct n activities in primary school with help of other facies (friends from other course) Guess what, I am the only TESLIAN handling the programme in a school. Even me myself cant believe it.. It is actually out of my imagination kowt. BTW praise to god I managed to handle it with their help (other faci). Korg mmg terbaik la. Oppssy.. skip cite pule...

All of UniSZA's student have to stay with foster family. My foster family is the best. I feel so lucky to have them. Tyra sowg je spatotnye Ida skali. Since Ida dah tukar senitari,then i'm alone. Pa, mak, abg Mus, Alang n Yana. Yana is my niece, she call me mak ngah and she is the one that will give ride and send me to Fasha, Watiey n Ila's house (they stay together in 1 house). At the beginning cuak gak, coz the bath room didn't have a door. (with 3 men in the house,u can imagine how I felt). Thanked god, there were no accident happened. (sigh). What make me feel luckier, there always some1 that will pick me up from the bus to take me home *wink2...

Even I dont have little brother n sister, tumpang adik2 org laen. Those kids sgt peramah even agak hyper..they juz being kids. One of them cried badly when we have to leave..Isn't it sweet... Those experience I cant put it in words.

Seronoknyer... Mak asyik risau suh makan je... My first meal there is nasi with sambal petai. I orang kampung telan je lauk2 cam tu.. Mak risau coz I dont eat much rice. Even abes programme kul 9 p.m pon mak suh mkn nasi. That's why I said to her, Mak nseb baik tyra tiggal kejap je, klu tggal lame, x muat pintu ni ha tyra nak kuar.ha6..Btw they call me MIRA instead of TIRA...hik hik..Final day baru diorang pggil Tira..huhu..These few days they call me almost everyday even juz to say 'dah makan ke blom?'. HIHI

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fear ~

I am in fear...
Fear of of being in love
loving him without he love me back

Fear of jealousy
feeling jealous seeing him with someone else
Fear of loneliness
once he is mine I want him to be always by my side

Fear of waiting
waiting for him to say he love me out loud

Fear of uncertainty
will he feels hurt seeing me with some1 else?
Fear of myself
being carried away with this feeling...

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Me recently

Last night I didn't had enough sleep. That's why I just woke up and straight away wrote this. At 2 a.m my body suddenly awake by a 'feeling' that I haven't feel it for quite sometimes. Feeling of being in love with someone. My friends always tell me that love will come naturally in your live without your expect it. I dont know what am I thinking right now. Maybe this feeling come because I am too stress out know, so GOD lend this feeling to ease this tense down a little bit. If it so thanked GOD..I am so appreciate if it juz a short n temporary feelings coz if it not I'm not sure whether I can handle it or not.
can I handle this? ^0^

Why I am feeling tense? 2nd Secretary works + assignments + presentation + missing my family (every1 does intense. DUHH~). Normally shopping will ease these tense but I think this time it is not enough. In addition, issue with junior which kind a freak me out. *Congrats kid I am freaked out. I wish I dont have any responsibility but somehow another part of me feeling grateful  to the opportunity that I got. So that I know  how to handle this n that in such organisation. Cuddling n kissing are the important thing in my life. Its been 4 weeks I dont get any of it. Dont misunderstood here. I'm some kind of pervert ok. I mean cuddles n kisses from my family. Not get any of it make me feel neglected *baru 4 mggu keccoohh
Saw one by one of my friends went home and their family came to visit make me feel very lonely. I want it too (we cant everything we want sis)

What else I can say other than..ATHIRAH take it like a grown ups.. You are not a baby anymore..