Monday, June 27, 2011

stinky heart can't be hide 4 ever

How to face with a envy kind of people.... Envy tu ape teacher?? Envy tu iri hati yunk. Anywhere we go, there always people that dont like us...How to handle this? First thing first, bersyukur coz kite ade advantage yg sampai ade orang envy kat kite. *Alhamdulillah... BUT jgn riak pulak...That's why it is very important to us to be down to earth kind of person.

Envy is not always negative in haunting to become a better person. (haunting?) For example, envy with our friend because he/she perform better in studies than us. The envy feelings will be a trigger for us to struggle more and perform better in studies too just like our friend. Positive tuuu..

But in term of envy with our friend because of the advantage that they have is a BIG DON'TS. Even you dont show it as time goes by..the truth will be revealed...Having this kind of friend we should be very careful and be patient with them. Sometimes they act as innocent as baby and advice us if we have made 'mistakes'. Behind all that, there were envy in it. Dont trust me?? been there done that... Dont call this people a friend, they dont deserve it AT ALL..

 Normally this kind of person are very2 good in manipulating a situation which makes us feel we are the biggest jerk in the world..(which actually they are the 1 that jerks) from time to time people will notice who's in the right place.. key word for this whole situation is be patient..SABAR....and pray to god to give us strength in dealing this kind of people..
a look have million meaning

Setiap org ade kelemahan and kelebihan masing2..buat ape nak envy2 ni..At the end, it will destroy the relationship je..Betoll.. Long term of envy will result a hater...Someone who never agree with anything that people do. (normally to a person they envy with) Teacher ckp belit2 x paham..xpe2
This post is more to personal feeling that have been convert to words. People are complicated. Sometimes people misjudge us about who we are..Nak wat camne...

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