Friday, June 17, 2011

korean fever???

Second semester break already over in a blink of my eyes (wink2). Am I used that break wisely.. INDEED!!
Khatam cite korea Boys Over Flower. Sambil masak ngan mama kat dapur lyn Goo Joon Pyo ('lame' la ko tyra)... (since when u layan korea tyra??) I'm juz being versatile. I am born to be     someone that try to adapt with everything not criticizing(HATERS)...before this sape kate yang x suke sgt korea tu ek?? (diam2 sudey hee..) lagu blog pon korean gak pehal??(shhh~)

cam cite METEOR GARDEN pon ade cte ni
Ok what~ love the a music lover I appreciate every song in any language which is nice to listen to.. prefer me any song for sure I'll listen to it..This KPop thingy mmg ramai kot yang suke..ade yang sampai kat FB pon penoh gambar actor n actress korea..I am not yet reach that point yet..I just like the music..(yela2 maybe some actor) 

I do love to listen to CNBLUE songs. why??coz I dont like to listen to song that everyone know.. (bajet up to date) hihi xde la trust me their music is awesome (after being told by my brother baru nak dgr padahal).. tak best la dgr lagu2 yang dah jd ringtone semua org..kan2....xde la addicted sgt juz they got good music (dlm mp3 penoh lgu depa).

kpop band that dont dance in their mv
Not bad la kan...even I kind a like kpop lately but for sure not obsessed with them... not all the time 'Saranghae' and stuff. I try to make it ass moderate as possible...nothing can replace my only obsession (marie!!) Actually this is one of thing that I said I DONT LIKE.. remember about nver say hate happen to me zillion of time...dont hate too much and dont like too much...ingat tu ~

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