Friday, June 17, 2011

caffeine in the coffee..like3

I am a coffee lover..yup..even my hand is already shaking like earthquake, I havent stop drinking it yet.. I like to flash back when was is all started.. black coffee..cappucino..latte..white coffee..just name it..I'll drink it..
It's all started when I was determined to stay up to study during high school.. I consume oat+nestume+nescafe 3 in 1 each morning since I was 14 if I'm not mistaken. I do have migraine but my breakfast routine does not make it worse so I never stop or change that routine.

I start to try black coffee when I went for an exchange host mum love to make coffee to keep her awake..ape lagi tumpang sekaki la kan.. I dont expect that it taste so good..but when I reaturn back to nation I am so lazy to make my own coffee so I turn back to 3 in 1.. I also had my chance to taste home made cappucino...nyum3

Despite all as a coffee lover I never taste or have even 1 sip of coffee from starbucks... I waited for some1 to buy it for me..(wink3)

Basicly...I can;t start my day without a cup of coffee even I know how bad it is..

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