Monday, June 27, 2011

stinky heart can't be hide 4 ever

How to face with a envy kind of people.... Envy tu ape teacher?? Envy tu iri hati yunk. Anywhere we go, there always people that dont like us...How to handle this? First thing first, bersyukur coz kite ade advantage yg sampai ade orang envy kat kite. *Alhamdulillah... BUT jgn riak pulak...That's why it is very important to us to be down to earth kind of person.

Envy is not always negative in haunting to become a better person. (haunting?) For example, envy with our friend because he/she perform better in studies than us. The envy feelings will be a trigger for us to struggle more and perform better in studies too just like our friend. Positive tuuu..

But in term of envy with our friend because of the advantage that they have is a BIG DON'TS. Even you dont show it as time goes by..the truth will be revealed...Having this kind of friend we should be very careful and be patient with them. Sometimes they act as innocent as baby and advice us if we have made 'mistakes'. Behind all that, there were envy in it. Dont trust me?? been there done that... Dont call this people a friend, they dont deserve it AT ALL..

 Normally this kind of person are very2 good in manipulating a situation which makes us feel we are the biggest jerk in the world..(which actually they are the 1 that jerks) from time to time people will notice who's in the right place.. key word for this whole situation is be patient..SABAR....and pray to god to give us strength in dealing this kind of people..
a look have million meaning

Setiap org ade kelemahan and kelebihan masing2..buat ape nak envy2 ni..At the end, it will destroy the relationship je..Betoll.. Long term of envy will result a hater...Someone who never agree with anything that people do. (normally to a person they envy with) Teacher ckp belit2 x paham..xpe2
This post is more to personal feeling that have been convert to words. People are complicated. Sometimes people misjudge us about who we are..Nak wat camne...

Saturday, June 25, 2011

still long way to go...

This sem I dah senior la u..( best ke??) Perhaps not really... For this initial..(huh??!!) I mean beginning..duhh~ of this semester..I am so much love to be in my silent..not that silent la..but less talk more reading and plug in my ears (since lecture x start lg kan)...

It's feeling AWESOME  to live in your own world while others chit chat n making stupid jokes in class.(yela bile lagi nak wat bising n bersuka ria kan) but I don't know what happen to me..out of sudden I started to like reading..(did I just type it?? 'READ"?) YEAH ME READING~  I know unbelievable kot...I hate reading...but since I'm not interested in talking too much nonsense anymore, only reading and plug in my ear will keep me silence..(I LOVE THE NEW ME)... Yup coz if I'm too energetic and talking too much kene label plak ( tyra suke attract attention, bajet howt dowh) * no 1 cares laa weyh

 I love my new roomate. Alhamdulillah..Praise to Allah for give her as my roomies.. She such a sweet person..we get along well (or is it too soon to say so?) It's fine its a doa from me..Hoping we'll be fine living together for 2 semester.. we're in same course but she is in the other group..having her as my roomies makes me feel more belong to 'GADIS CIPTAAN' with my 2 majesty who just be my sisters..huhu..

I admit that now me myself are becoming quite dull and boring person. I realise it but I think that is the best fact to know now. If we are less appealing, people will not notice us so much. Meaning u wont be a hot topic to be talk about behind your back * i hope . weyh ignore je la..Till when we should lives based on people judgement. Lala~

Sunday, June 19, 2011


nak hanky baru~
I severe HYPERHIDROSIS... ape benda tu teacher?? sweaty palms, is the most common form of hyperhidrosis, which causing excessive sweating of the hands. Mcm tgn berpeluh dlm air conditioned room enviroment most of the time.iN MY case, palms and foot are part where always sweating. Since I was 15 (kalau x silap la) maybe bcoz dah start serious in studies kot time tu (serious ke??)

this is how my hands look like if it start sweating

Tp jgn risau~ this disease may not end up with death (kowt)... It's quite disturbing, lagi2 klu time nak tulis essays,typing..but time to time I get use to it...Therefore since 4ever I always bring a long my hanky (face towel)..n dah berape banyak helai tercicir merata-rata.. That's my problem slalu x prasan kat mane letak hanky...Most of them Marie nyer hanky la kan..hehe

ade sape2 sudi hadiahkan x??

Jd sape2 yang rase nak bagi hadiah kat tyra ley la bg handkerchief pasni (wink2) =p

Friday, June 17, 2011

caffeine in the coffee..like3

I am a coffee lover..yup..even my hand is already shaking like earthquake, I havent stop drinking it yet.. I like to flash back when was is all started.. black coffee..cappucino..latte..white coffee..just name it..I'll drink it..
It's all started when I was determined to stay up to study during high school.. I consume oat+nestume+nescafe 3 in 1 each morning since I was 14 if I'm not mistaken. I do have migraine but my breakfast routine does not make it worse so I never stop or change that routine.

I start to try black coffee when I went for an exchange host mum love to make coffee to keep her awake..ape lagi tumpang sekaki la kan.. I dont expect that it taste so good..but when I reaturn back to nation I am so lazy to make my own coffee so I turn back to 3 in 1.. I also had my chance to taste home made cappucino...nyum3

Despite all as a coffee lover I never taste or have even 1 sip of coffee from starbucks... I waited for some1 to buy it for me..(wink3)

Basicly...I can;t start my day without a cup of coffee even I know how bad it is..

korean fever???

Second semester break already over in a blink of my eyes (wink2). Am I used that break wisely.. INDEED!!
Khatam cite korea Boys Over Flower. Sambil masak ngan mama kat dapur lyn Goo Joon Pyo ('lame' la ko tyra)... (since when u layan korea tyra??) I'm juz being versatile. I am born to be     someone that try to adapt with everything not criticizing(HATERS)...before this sape kate yang x suke sgt korea tu ek?? (diam2 sudey hee..) lagu blog pon korean gak pehal??(shhh~)

cam cite METEOR GARDEN pon ade cte ni
Ok what~ love the a music lover I appreciate every song in any language which is nice to listen to.. prefer me any song for sure I'll listen to it..This KPop thingy mmg ramai kot yang suke..ade yang sampai kat FB pon penoh gambar actor n actress korea..I am not yet reach that point yet..I just like the music..(yela2 maybe some actor) 

I do love to listen to CNBLUE songs. why??coz I dont like to listen to song that everyone know.. (bajet up to date) hihi xde la trust me their music is awesome (after being told by my brother baru nak dgr padahal).. tak best la dgr lagu2 yang dah jd ringtone semua org..kan2....xde la addicted sgt juz they got good music (dlm mp3 penoh lgu depa).

kpop band that dont dance in their mv
Not bad la kan...even I kind a like kpop lately but for sure not obsessed with them... not all the time 'Saranghae' and stuff. I try to make it ass moderate as possible...nothing can replace my only obsession (marie!!) Actually this is one of thing that I said I DONT LIKE.. remember about nver say hate happen to me zillion of time...dont hate too much and dont like too much...ingat tu ~

Thursday, June 2, 2011

the challenge

I take aimanazlan90 challenge to prepare a mother's day video...
He is one of the youtuber that I subscribed to. Honestly, the beginning is GEDIX GILERR kot... He asked to mention about 3 things but I guess I didn't follow the regulation. (no wonder this video is so B.O.R.I.N.G...I'm not sure whether I should show this to my mum coz if she know that I put this video in youtube..I think she will be I just say the same thing that I said in this video live in front of her..hihi

FYI...this video I prepared without any plan,1st record and I edited here and there then uploaded it...(mmg xde org nak tgk la kan)

Disebabkan I x mention few things that aimanazlan90 ask to include in the video, I add it in words je la eh..

 sHe is in her 40's but she looks younger than me even 1 of my friends said "tyra ur mum look like ur sister, younger sister". Plus, she act like she's 18.... that's why having 3 teenagers(Along dah adult kot) is easy for her to get along. She is very neat. This house always spic and span with her touch. I adore the way she fold the clothes, cleaning the house, get things in the house in order. She really hope I will turning out like her one day (i'm struggling mommy) even she never mention it to me.

We both love to sing(privately just two of us). There was a time when only 2 of us left in the house, I record her voice singing a song U LIGHT UP MY LIFE  i'm not sure who sing it. That song leaves a huge impact on me because when I was little, I never know my mum have such a sweet voice. That song is the 1st song I heard she sang and I cried that time. Now I learn that song, we sang and record our voices. Whenever I miss her I'll listen to that song.....which will be followed by tears..

Although I already make a speech for my mum. I just want to write it again. Mama u are not just a mother to your kids who fed us with yummy food, prepare all off our wants and needs, loving us, take care of us.... u are a role model that I wish I will be a wonderful person just like u one day...u resemble a very good example as a teacher, student, daughter,sister,friend,wife and a mother...even all the time u never take it serious when I mention ur kindness....u are mama...You always said that u think u dont act like a doesnt matter because that makes u our one and only mama..The mother of 3 sons and a daughter...everytime my eyes blinking...everytime my heart is beating...every breath that I take....cant compare to prove how much I love u.. and I know u will reply "Love from a mother to their children would be more than that". love u mama..xoxoxo