Thursday, May 26, 2011


This is another thing that I cant resist..even my mum said I'll face problem in future by having tons of this precious piece of art.
SHOES is not just one of thing that we put at our feet k...for me I love to indulge myself with shoes..nothing can make me stop liking it and search for new up dated design..even I can afford to get it..but this thing motivate me to save my own money and earned it...*wink2

isn't she pretty?? 

sneakers + wedges......simply an art

this is the 1 that I am aiming right now


Guys..just could not understand how much shoes effect us as girl or's ok to wear ugliest outfit eva but with a perfect shoes the weakness will not be noticed...
 So if anyone have any intention to buy me a gift..hihi (perasan ade org nak bg)
BTW my size is 7...

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