Monday, May 23, 2011

secretary ske3

During my second semester in uni I was unfortunately dominated by one of my senior to hold a title as secretary. I have no experience in jog down details for meetings, proposal and preparing letter sort of stuff. At that moment I was not sure about me being someone that play quite an important role in TESL Society. Unexpectedly I got  the most amount of vote. TADAA~ I am a 2nd secretary. =(

Actually, secretary is the least favorite title among all and I have no idea about it until I got my first task. Seems like semester 4 will be facing their practicum in next semester. The 1st secretary will be extra busy with her practicum BTW 1st secretary is Kak Ain semester 4. So most of the paper work must be prepared by me and will be checked by her. Starting this coming semester la. She already done a lot of work last semester. Now is my turn. (I am dead meat).

What I feel towards this secretary thingy? I'm doing my work as best as I can in sake of responsibility ONLY. I'm not the kind of person that love to be an important person or GILA KUASA, so i'm not really fond of this thing BUT I'm not nagging because there were a lot of thing to do and time to be sacrifice. Yup. Like now is semester break I should feel free to sit back and relax before the break ends. Instead of chill out I have to prepare proposals for next semester and a lot of letters, plus meeting minutes. I 'LOVE' this job.

Cant wait to finish this coming semester and free from any kind of title. I wish I am invisible!!! (not make sense)


Emiera Nur Syafiqa said...

when people gave us responsibility, means they trust and believe that we can do the work better than anyone else.. so just enjoy and cherish the moments when we are doing something that others may be can't. btw, if u need help, there's always us behind u..

tier@92 said...

tq eimiera for ease down my anxious by give supporting comments..i'll keep it in mind =D

Captain Hero said...

all the best.. yeah.. i like what emeira said :D

eh,.. isit k.ain fatihah?