Sunday, May 22, 2011

My first Video Log

Before u play this video, pause the plain white t's song tu eh..hee~

This is my first video log which obviously have a lot more to improve. For anyone that give a feedback and advice thank u so much. I realize that all the comment and critic is needed so that my next video will be better.My brother and one of my classmates said that I have to enhance my facial expression. Word that came out from my mouth not really synchronize with my facial expression. As a result, viewer will not really get what I've tried to say. In addition, thank you to all my friends that personally requested more video from me which shows you are supporting me in doing this. (sgt terharu ye disitu)

 From now on I will start to do a lot of face exercise so that muka x ketat sgt and reduce pauses, even pauses tu boleh edit tp well..agak malas ye di situ..ha!!! Another thing my brother advice me to speak English without any slang coz nanti org menyampah plak kan cam mat salleh wannabe plak.. So excuse me to speak English in a Gedix way, it wont happened again.

If u guys ada idea for my next video, please do inform it to me k..text ke fb ke blog comment ke..kat mane2 la...

Last but not least, these video x ditujukan specifically kepada sape2 ye but if there anyone yg terasa (sapa yg mkn cili die yg terasa pedasnyer kan) kite try improve same2 eh..

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Captain Hero said...

hehe.. suka..
nnti wt lgi eh..:)