Saturday, May 28, 2011

Allergic ~

Some people have allergy towards food such as seafood. What happen if they consume it?? Usually they got rashes or  sneezing a lot...Normally people who have Resdung severe this..OR I remember my brother who had a critical resdung, which already ease down since he had undergo a minor surgery....he ate rebung one day..and in few minutes her lip blotted..his face was so funny..haha...I'm not sure it was cause by his resdung or not actually...but his fine on the next morning his lips back to normal...

For myself...I do have allergy...I cant wear jewelleries that made other than GOLD..
yeah I know right...kulit mahal..It is not something that I ask for..I think it was cause by ECZEMA that I had when I stay in UK for a year..I was 4 at that time...the outcome of this problem I will constant itchiness on my skin and I will keep on scratching my body like a....x mo la wat perumpamaan....I already recovered by that ECZEMA but my skin now is more sensitive..

I can only wear real gold and silver only(GEDIX GILERR)....but it is unpredictable...sometimes it was fine to wear metal made accessories....I cant wear ordinary watch that have a stainless steel touch my skin at the back of the watch....When I was registered to uni , mymum gave me her casio watch which are made by fully stainless steel if i'm not mistaken...It was fine...My skin have no rashes even the watch was not made by gold or silver...but lately my skin have rashes cause by the watch...
It's like an on off rashes...
It was definitely an allergy that comes whenever it like..ergghh..what should I wear then??

Thursday, May 26, 2011


This is another thing that I cant resist..even my mum said I'll face problem in future by having tons of this precious piece of art.
SHOES is not just one of thing that we put at our feet k...for me I love to indulge myself with shoes..nothing can make me stop liking it and search for new up dated design..even I can afford to get it..but this thing motivate me to save my own money and earned it...*wink2

isn't she pretty?? 

sneakers + wedges......simply an art

this is the 1 that I am aiming right now


Guys..just could not understand how much shoes effect us as girl or's ok to wear ugliest outfit eva but with a perfect shoes the weakness will not be noticed...
 So if anyone have any intention to buy me a gift..hihi (perasan ade org nak bg)
BTW my size is 7...

Monday, May 23, 2011

secretary ske3

During my second semester in uni I was unfortunately dominated by one of my senior to hold a title as secretary. I have no experience in jog down details for meetings, proposal and preparing letter sort of stuff. At that moment I was not sure about me being someone that play quite an important role in TESL Society. Unexpectedly I got  the most amount of vote. TADAA~ I am a 2nd secretary. =(

Actually, secretary is the least favorite title among all and I have no idea about it until I got my first task. Seems like semester 4 will be facing their practicum in next semester. The 1st secretary will be extra busy with her practicum BTW 1st secretary is Kak Ain semester 4. So most of the paper work must be prepared by me and will be checked by her. Starting this coming semester la. She already done a lot of work last semester. Now is my turn. (I am dead meat).

What I feel towards this secretary thingy? I'm doing my work as best as I can in sake of responsibility ONLY. I'm not the kind of person that love to be an important person or GILA KUASA, so i'm not really fond of this thing BUT I'm not nagging because there were a lot of thing to do and time to be sacrifice. Yup. Like now is semester break I should feel free to sit back and relax before the break ends. Instead of chill out I have to prepare proposals for next semester and a lot of letters, plus meeting minutes. I 'LOVE' this job.

Cant wait to finish this coming semester and free from any kind of title. I wish I am invisible!!! (not make sense)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

My first Video Log

Before u play this video, pause the plain white t's song tu eh..hee~

This is my first video log which obviously have a lot more to improve. For anyone that give a feedback and advice thank u so much. I realize that all the comment and critic is needed so that my next video will be better.My brother and one of my classmates said that I have to enhance my facial expression. Word that came out from my mouth not really synchronize with my facial expression. As a result, viewer will not really get what I've tried to say. In addition, thank you to all my friends that personally requested more video from me which shows you are supporting me in doing this. (sgt terharu ye disitu)

 From now on I will start to do a lot of face exercise so that muka x ketat sgt and reduce pauses, even pauses tu boleh edit tp well..agak malas ye di situ..ha!!! Another thing my brother advice me to speak English without any slang coz nanti org menyampah plak kan cam mat salleh wannabe plak.. So excuse me to speak English in a Gedix way, it wont happened again.

If u guys ada idea for my next video, please do inform it to me k..text ke fb ke blog comment ke..kat mane2 la...

Last but not least, these video x ditujukan specifically kepada sape2 ye but if there anyone yg terasa (sapa yg mkn cili die yg terasa pedasnyer kan) kite try improve same2 eh..

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Friday, May 20, 2011


English Camp is sad to know it's already come to an end ~
actually it's a mix feelings towards it. SAD =( & HAPPY =)

I'm glad to be in BLITZ TEAM, even people said we are ANNOYED. First thing first I am so disappointed with myself because I've been defeat by my personal emotions at the end of this camp. I am not proud of myself. This matter is due to personal problems that suddenly appear which can't be mention. All I want to say is I am so grateful to be met with kak alin, kak mira,kak huda, kak qamar n kak zahra plus my classmates nad, hani n mia. It is an honored to be in the same group with you guys which make us even closer n know each other better.

I know i'm not the best team mate that u guys have been with I know I screwed up in BEDTIME STORIES where is I were not memorizing my lines. Now I know the facts that acting is definitely not my thing. I'm suck in it . I'm still feeling guilty of what had turned out.

Seriously, gonna miss everything we had go through together. even though it was exhausting.

angER !!!!!

ARRRRGGHHHH!!!! Anger is definitely not my bestfriend FYI... I dont even know how to express it, if I could not take it anymore I just burst into tears which not enough. That's why I'm so sure I will die earlier than I thought.=(
but in certain stages I just cant help it. I hate it when people treat me like I wont get mad or being labelled as a timid person and wont be furious. I try to help anyone around me when they were in need. Coz one day I might got into trouble and need their help. We dont know, today is their day and other day might be mine. Let me clear this up, what I try to say sometimes people misunderstood with our kindness and started getting use to use us in anything.

Somehow it seems does not fair when we are in need for help and those people are ignoring you. When the time comes, we start to feel that we are in this world alone. At the beginning it is very sad to realize the fact that no one cares, at the end we start to feel very mad because those people that we have help before is ignoring you. ( EH jgn harap beri bunga dibalas bunga ye)

People might say that those statement mention as 'BERKIRA'. YAWW  Just put yourself in that particular situation first la pry, then u tell me how does it felt. It's so true once people is very in need for your help, they will ask like hell but once they got it, 'my problem solved' I dont need u anymore. BANG!! that feelings was 'awesome'. Please do it frequently to everyone around you, k. (tgn ke dada mata ke atas)

Consider others feelings, dont take for granted of people's kindness coz once the patience is over, u could not tell what might happened.
MOOD= sy sgt marah ye skrg

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The huge problem among problems

Problems make us feel anxious and concern in how and what should we handle it. For me the BIGGEST and MOST DIFFICULT situation to handle is...PACKING MY LUGGAGE..

yes it is soo difficult sometimes I need someone else to check my stuff and tell me that I dont need certain stuff that I already packed. How can I handle this problem??? Like my friend said this is a syndrome that called 'RASA SEMUA PENTING'. Even my mum said to me that I 'll with face problem when I have my own family with kids. Aiyaaa... Kids stuff plus my stuff  would take a lorry to bring it together with us if I dont make any effort to solve this conflict.
Is there any therapy involving this kind of problem?? Coz I might need it.
there were toiletries bag + makeup bag in it

There's one time I packed a pile or bunch of clothes for 2 days and 1 night like the duration of the stays is one week..Its not my fault coz I need case if somebody throw up on my shirt of spill something on my pants, I need extra clothes right?? (ridiculous reasons) Since this problem occur I stop folding my clothes for packing my bag. What?? I'm not that lazy k, just stuffed the clothes?? no no.. I rolled all of it, save space so that I can put more item in it. I'm suck am i??

Still struggling to be so much wiser in packing my belongings k from time to time I'll try to bring a long things that I only need not I thought I need..Okie..
Girls..anyone shares same problem with me???raise ur hand

Sunday, May 1, 2011

vlogs a.k.a videologgings

I've been thinking to give a shot in vloggings...but still thinking about my own identity and not get influences by famous vloggers... MARIA ELENA  has her own style.. hilarious yet got a lot of message in it, her topics more to courtesy that we must to instill in ourself as a Malaysian, human being. Her way to deliver her points is really creative and not bragging at all. She wants to tell that we have to do 'this' in stead of 'that' in a hikmah way where all viewer can accept it.
ANWAR HADI and MATLUTFI are other two famous vloggers..all youtubers know them...funny and educational..My personal opinion should be "sejuk perut mak diorang dapaat anak laki camni".. I admired them as a youth who is still studying..They both studying abroad y'll..i dont said studying locally is not good it just, if you being abroad you have extra things that u wont get locally..All of this 3 vloggers are educated and deserve to be as 'MODAL INSAN' for teenagers nowadays.
Integrity is one thing that all the 3 vloggers talk about. The awareness towards not throwing rubbish other than into the rubbish bins, being considerate and respect peoples opinion..Although we might see it as things that everyone knows and no need to be mention..but trust me people nowadays tend to ignore all this tinie tiny little things.(ok i'm a lil bit out of topic)
In addition, SHANE DaWSON in another famous vloggers. But his channel is more to entertainment, i'm not sure its educational or not..hmm..if it is entertaining...since being in uni makes me spend a lot of time in front of laptops than watching television, YOUTUBE is a medium for me to know about what happen today and get some entertainment. Thanks YOUTUBE...
Actually there is a lot of other vloggers but I'm not really follow them.. Having a Youtube channel and have non good videos in it make me think to post something that interesting and  a good material to be watched. These days I kind a collect some of material and think about involving in vloggings world..but I'm still consider about it because there are a lot of things to think about..because people will judging you after you post a video in youtube..arrrgghhh..That's scares me..I f I have no guts and being too conscious bout be safe..dont do it...I am in the middle of conflict with myself ryte now..I f I wanna make a must be good and not bored..That is the most important thing...
Just wait and see the progression..shall we??