Sunday, April 10, 2011


i FALL in love again~
with I am a gadjet addicted (mampu bg title je nak beli gadjet byk2 x mampu)...cinta berputik tatkala miss pinkie ku lensenyer rosak..since that I just took picture with my x3-02..the result is unstatisfied... dreaming to have own it is like builds the castle in the will not if I start saving some money (me saving??mmmm), nothing is impossible kan..
cool ryte?

I started doing research about it..tgk2 ade x kaler pink..FORTUNATELY XDE~ (pujuk aty pdahal x kisah pon kaler ape, nak jugak!!!) ehem..ehem... never thought about having this bulky thing (sudey la)..It is not handy at all,since I have down size my handbag..having it is not a good idea (nak!!)
The price of this heavy n delicate to take care of gadjet is expensive... I might have to cut down my monthly expenses from rm400 permont to rm150 per month afterwards (x hidup la) on earth I can earn money to get this thing?? Perhaps after I continue my degree or master.. (babah bace la blog ni!!) If I have to choose, car or DSLR?? i would say car..with a DSLR in it..( nak kene gelak ke??)
Before dreaming for this thing I just thought about having samsung camera which have dual screen display..
seronak camwhore weyh

so on and so far, i think the only thing that I can afford is....
 or not ~

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