Monday, April 4, 2011

is that person is me?

MC...... short form for master of ceremony which mean someone who responsible to make an event run smoothly in term of presenting the ceremony or occasion. When I was small I am amazed and admired...more to on earth a person manage and have guts to speak in front of hundreds or million people who attending the event. Did he/she memorize every single thing that he/she will speak? At that moment I already said to myself, I will never be that brave and talented to attract people attention while I am speaking in front. in a million years.
We can’t predict the future. One day...BOOM~ I am MC for my cousins wedding.* now she's have a baby in her belly (congrats~) What I thought that time, I’m sure there’s no harm because it is just in front of my family members and future family members (my cousin’s husband’s family). Piece of cake..small matter..That was a day I lost all my thought about never talk in public. Even I was a prefect but I never handle an assembly. NEVER. Talking in public just destroy me. But after that particular event everything was change. This crazy thought starts to linger in my mind. ‘No harm Tyra it just a speaking session, you love to speak, but this time you talk to many people. Just less than 200 people in a room. You will not regret it because it might be an extra value about you compare to others.’ But if I looked back, I think I just embarrassed myself. *thanked got that wedding ceremony going smoothly. So there was everything started.
TESL Annual Dinner 2011 unFORTUNATELY...I was responsible to be one of the MC. I really hope I was not ruin the event. I hope I am not too DULL...too HAPPENING...extra ENERGATIC... i AM LEARNING FROM MISTAKES..Trust me not everyone can be in that place..I was the unlucky one.. I should consider myself lucky ryte? At least I already tried my best. Gave all out that night. *even I was not behave appropriately. I’ll definitely improve myself in future. Am I born to be MC?? IDTS... I just not afraid to try something new and have inner conflict with myself :p *liar
 ps: The theme that I try to bring out in me is pop princess but it turned out to be rock princess. spoilt~

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