Wednesday, April 6, 2011

ARR xoxo

These days I’ve been a kind of person that cried whenever she wants. The tears just came out. It is not because my tears are cheap but I’ve being really sensitive lately. For instance, at my study table in uni, I paste my brother’s picture on the wall. To see him growing up in front of me and become such a successful teenager, someone I did not expecting him to be, make me feel touched. My tears dropped automatically everytime I sit at my study table. He also inspired me in many ways. I’m not bragging here, it just that I see him changing becoming a better person in term of intelligence, attitude, and awareness. I wish I can change myself in those terms. I’m talking about my younger brother here. I am actually being more sensitive than my mom (mama too bad I becoming more like you each day) ps: I am proud to becoming like you. He is a big portion of my life. We grew up together and gone through a lot of thing together. I can’t imagine when the day he already continued studies to the next level where he is no longer at home when I got home.

As he grows older he expresses his feelings less. Sometimes I wonder what did he felt inside. I still remember the day we stayed with our aunt family because our parents went to Mecca for Hajj. Whenever I cried he will cry and whenever I cried he will do the same thing. Look~ (MY TEARS AUTOMATICALLY CAME OUT). He is my best friend ever even he did hurt me sometimes; (I hurt him too). He is irreplaceable. Nowadays it is hard to share every single thing with him since he is busy with his commitment, once in a while I’ll went home but he always out for extra classes and other important things. Everytime I heard someone complement him I feel very touched. I am totally sensitive than my mom ryte now. Everyone that has been known him or being around him will be pleasure to met a person like him. I wish he will always be with me until now.  I wrote this doesn’t mean that I love him more than my other brother. It just something that what I feel right now.
I wish him all the best for his SPM this year. And I love u AHMAD RAZIN.

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