Thursday, April 28, 2011

If you can't say something nice, dont say nothing at all =)

This quote is taken from  1st Disney cartoon that I watched when I was four years old if I'm not mistaken , ever heard about BIMBI? Binbi or Bimbi..ermm.. I'm not sure..but the point is..If you think something (words duhh~) that will come out from your mouth , will or may harm somebody's feelings..better to keep it to urself (yes mum!!).

I was a..chatterbox..talkative person.(still until today) ...talking is my charm =p
but suddenly at some point, I start to realize..why not to speak whenever I need to not whenever I want to....asking is not wrong.. but in term of  speaking nonsense...that's what I've to avoid because  trust me this is a fact....most of people likes a good listener than a good talker.( it's not I want to be likable) Okey, dont get me wrong here. I should make example before you take it wrongly.

What I'm trying to say is, when you feel slightly disagree with things that your friends said, dont straight away  interrupt his/her speech..listen first..if you think you might spit out something harsh..or inappropriate..keep it to yourself..if you can control your personal emotions in expressing what you think..suit yourself..deliver your opinion healthily...( I cant do that)..crazy huh?? Being tolerate is not as hard as it seems if you are open to learn it.. (fine i'll learn)..

A:.'but that is who I am ,talking harsh is me, u got problem with that?'
B"I got no problem with that..(You got problem because you scared to live with the fact that you have to change.)
A:'Cakap cam bgos sgt je,weyh cermin diri dulu.'
B: I'm not an angel myself, I screwed up before just like..umm..I mean I thought that way before, but I changed (trying to)..gua ckp lagi ganaz dr lu de..(oopss trkeluar plak)
A: susah r ngan orang bertoleransi sgt cam ni..

Anyway..I'm not saying this because I am very good and perfect in term of self behavior.. I am here reminding myself too..That's why..there is a saying 'silence is golden'.

klu dah gian ngan dslr, everything relate ngan DSLR

hUH gold DSLR? common girl there is many other gold things out there..( I guess this is the most priceless to me..hee~)
 So on and so far..that's all I want to share...let's change for better..shall we??

Friday, April 22, 2011

Music 音楽 müzik 음악 الموسيقى

Indeed the topic that I want to talk about is important..crucial..and most of teenagers can't live without it. (including me kowt)..
tyra ni semua bende nak addicted
  So the title of this post is MUSIC (dah pandai gune google translate dah sekarang :p)
BTW there a few other languages that bring the same meaning with music..English followed by Japanese...Turkish (y turkish?!).. Korean and Arabic (since I am taking the language for this semester).
Either I like it or not, I am one of the victim of this new evolution addiction.Budaya telinga bersumbat (ngan earphone or headphone k) ni is part of our tradition nowadays kowt. Everyone from all over the world doing it.
From my point of view each songs or  music will remind me of certain event,people or place which plays an important role in my life.
     cute kan??
Recently, during my stay for few days at home (study week) my mum gave me a pillow (tq mommy). NO ORDINARY PILLOW. Knowing her daughter who loves to plug in her ears, she gave me a pink (duhh pillow with a speaker ( i can just connected it to my mp3 or phone) and simply play the music while I am about to sleep. My mum said "this pillow is for you so that You will listen to ayat2 Al-Quran before u sleep dear"( each of your word is a doa mama). Insyaallah...Hee~ like3
teddy bear pon dgr headphone

Sometimes there is a list of songs that will remind me of one person, not the singer or the band that sing the song.( i should study for final la sekarang). For instance, I dont wanna know by Mario Winans will remind me to my friend Sh. Farida anak pakcik Syed Abd. Rahim because we made a webcam vid singing this song during boredom is our bestfriend. lol
There are few songs that will remind me to my mommy (actually I think about her all the time la) since we love to record our singing voice together during our spare time. The songs are.. she still the 1 by Shania Twain and Hopelessly Devoted to u by Olivia Newton John. Love u mama
dont be too addictive ya

N'sync or BSB songs will remind me of my brother~ Ajin.. Most of songs that I listen to was prefer by him. He loves boyband and for a past few years he memorize all of the dancemoves (applause). Nowadays he just discover his new talent. BEATBOX~ so he started to beatboxing (huh?!) all the song he loves. Wait.. there are heaps of songs la for this handsome fella..I cant list all of them.

I love Michael Buble's song entitle Home because my Australian mum love the song so much. That song remind me of her , I remember she thought me how to play piano which I am totally suck in :p Miss ya mum. She  fly to Sydney from Mackay just to attend Michael Buble concert.

BOB & Hayley- Airplanes is a song for my orientation week in uni same goes with waka waka by Shakira. I was homesick that time and in my adjustment + adapting phase.

Beautiful Love by The Afters will remind me of Qawiem who choose to go to Alam even he got offers from UTP & UNITEN.. Hve a blast time spending 6 months on ship. What ever ur decision is I'll support u dear. Kamek support tok decision kitak *tol ke ek? (even I slightly disagree) :*

These word- Natasha Bedingfield song will remind me during my 4 month stays in hostel when I was 13. I hate that feeling but I'm glad I have that 4 month of duration experiencing hostel environment.=p
There are a lot of people around me with songs and I cant list all of them but so u guys know I love u guys with the songs.ha6
For me everyone have their own favourite songs and I love for them to share with me coz I am open for new things. Suggest me any of songs u like, for sure I'll listen to it =D

Sunday, April 10, 2011


i FALL in love again~
with I am a gadjet addicted (mampu bg title je nak beli gadjet byk2 x mampu)...cinta berputik tatkala miss pinkie ku lensenyer rosak..since that I just took picture with my x3-02..the result is unstatisfied... dreaming to have own it is like builds the castle in the will not if I start saving some money (me saving??mmmm), nothing is impossible kan..
cool ryte?

I started doing research about it..tgk2 ade x kaler pink..FORTUNATELY XDE~ (pujuk aty pdahal x kisah pon kaler ape, nak jugak!!!) ehem..ehem... never thought about having this bulky thing (sudey la)..It is not handy at all,since I have down size my handbag..having it is not a good idea (nak!!)
The price of this heavy n delicate to take care of gadjet is expensive... I might have to cut down my monthly expenses from rm400 permont to rm150 per month afterwards (x hidup la) on earth I can earn money to get this thing?? Perhaps after I continue my degree or master.. (babah bace la blog ni!!) If I have to choose, car or DSLR?? i would say car..with a DSLR in it..( nak kene gelak ke??)
Before dreaming for this thing I just thought about having samsung camera which have dual screen display..
seronak camwhore weyh

so on and so far, i think the only thing that I can afford is....
 or not ~

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Turning 9teen

 ni wish card dari KUNIM~bermakna ok...tq2

 Bella nyer speech menusuk sgt~thank u for helping me to change into a better person..make me realize about the fact of life

 Roomate ku syg sgt suke melihat ku pki shawl lalu die memberi ku ini~ TQ SGT2 ROOMATE KU YANG HENSEM


Happy Birthday to me ~ and this is not my birthday

This year is my 1st time celebrating my birthday without my family around. I am kind a sad because this year would be a final year for me to called as a teenager.
Thank you to IDA + BELLA + KUNIM + FEGHUZ  for buying a cake for me and a small celebration even its actually not a perfect time in term of having extra money. I really appreciate your sacrifices. IDA ... tq for the maybelline lip gloss and be the first person to wish my birthday. Plus the funny story behind getting the lip gloss for me..
The real story is u said that u have to buy something important at HKS (Hok KEE Seng) Market. Then u asked KUNIM to go with you and I said I want to go to because I need to buy a bread. At that moment I have no idea that you want to buy a present for me so I just follow you guys. After I get the bread then u bought the lip gloss. haha
tq once again.
Thank you soo much coz u guys get me a cake..and the photo of my real cake is corrupted :(
so I cant share the picture. The wish on the cake is 'BE MATURE'. xley bla... am I too childish?? sob3 Its ok I'll try my best to change k?
I cried at the morning of my birthday because I received text message from my mum in form of pray. She said how much grateful she feels to have me as her daughter. The only daughter. (EVERYTIME i READ HER TEXT i'LL CRY) I cry in Arabic class this morning and in Edu Psychology class. tHANKX TO pROF zUL FOR NOT HAVING A QUIZ today :D that is a gift from u to me unintentionally...
Thankx to everyone who wish and pray for me in Facebook. eVEN U guys dont give any present, ur willness to wish n pray for is enough already,coz for me a birthday is not all about gifts (tp klu dapat sape x suke an..hi2) Looking forward to celebrate my birthday with family back in Kuantan...xoxo
and this is not my cup cake ;
ps:still waiting for u to wish for my birthday..eeee geramnyer asal x wish2

ARR xoxo

These days I’ve been a kind of person that cried whenever she wants. The tears just came out. It is not because my tears are cheap but I’ve being really sensitive lately. For instance, at my study table in uni, I paste my brother’s picture on the wall. To see him growing up in front of me and become such a successful teenager, someone I did not expecting him to be, make me feel touched. My tears dropped automatically everytime I sit at my study table. He also inspired me in many ways. I’m not bragging here, it just that I see him changing becoming a better person in term of intelligence, attitude, and awareness. I wish I can change myself in those terms. I’m talking about my younger brother here. I am actually being more sensitive than my mom (mama too bad I becoming more like you each day) ps: I am proud to becoming like you. He is a big portion of my life. We grew up together and gone through a lot of thing together. I can’t imagine when the day he already continued studies to the next level where he is no longer at home when I got home.

As he grows older he expresses his feelings less. Sometimes I wonder what did he felt inside. I still remember the day we stayed with our aunt family because our parents went to Mecca for Hajj. Whenever I cried he will cry and whenever I cried he will do the same thing. Look~ (MY TEARS AUTOMATICALLY CAME OUT). He is my best friend ever even he did hurt me sometimes; (I hurt him too). He is irreplaceable. Nowadays it is hard to share every single thing with him since he is busy with his commitment, once in a while I’ll went home but he always out for extra classes and other important things. Everytime I heard someone complement him I feel very touched. I am totally sensitive than my mom ryte now. Everyone that has been known him or being around him will be pleasure to met a person like him. I wish he will always be with me until now.  I wrote this doesn’t mean that I love him more than my other brother. It just something that what I feel right now.
I wish him all the best for his SPM this year. And I love u AHMAD RAZIN.

Monday, April 4, 2011

sesuatu yang saya nak sangat buat

Kali ni nak tulis dalam bm plak eh. Sejak dari sekolah lagi tyra nak sangat wat keje amal macam ziarah rumah orang tua dan rumah anak yatim. Time skolah dulu tyra ada ambik subjek sivik jd dpt la keje kene brsihkan masjid. Tyra ckp ni bukan sebab rase diri baik ke ape, tp lepas kite beramal n buat sesuatu kebaikan dgn rela hati, ada satu perasaan yang kite x boley ungkapkan dengan kata2.Satu perasaan yg puas tau.
Macam impian jadi kenyataan sbb dapat melawat rumah anak yatim Darul Falah kat sini. Nasib baik join ko Rakan Kaunselor. Alhamdulillah..Nak share gambar je la..

ni anak2 yatim dalam group tyra. Sebenarnyer tyra xde group coz tyra main masuk je. Nasib baik adik2 ni sporting.

Ni plak kami plajar UNISZA yg brbeza course tp semua ahli rakan kaunselor. Korg best..

Ni Ibnu Hafiz. Adik yang tyra dapat. Tau ape impian die.. Die nak hafal 30 juzu' Al-quran. Umur die 16 tahun . Die bagi kerjasama yang baik untuk semua aktiviti. Akak doakan yang terbaik untuk Ibnu. Bila berada kat Darul Falah ni tyra rase insaf n lebih bersyukur dengan ape yang tyra dah ade. Memang patut sekali sekala kita berada dalam kesusahan supayaa kite dapat mengingatkan diri kita. Harap2 tyra dapat peluang macam ni lagi.

is that person is me?

MC...... short form for master of ceremony which mean someone who responsible to make an event run smoothly in term of presenting the ceremony or occasion. When I was small I am amazed and admired...more to on earth a person manage and have guts to speak in front of hundreds or million people who attending the event. Did he/she memorize every single thing that he/she will speak? At that moment I already said to myself, I will never be that brave and talented to attract people attention while I am speaking in front. in a million years.
We can’t predict the future. One day...BOOM~ I am MC for my cousins wedding.* now she's have a baby in her belly (congrats~) What I thought that time, I’m sure there’s no harm because it is just in front of my family members and future family members (my cousin’s husband’s family). Piece of cake..small matter..That was a day I lost all my thought about never talk in public. Even I was a prefect but I never handle an assembly. NEVER. Talking in public just destroy me. But after that particular event everything was change. This crazy thought starts to linger in my mind. ‘No harm Tyra it just a speaking session, you love to speak, but this time you talk to many people. Just less than 200 people in a room. You will not regret it because it might be an extra value about you compare to others.’ But if I looked back, I think I just embarrassed myself. *thanked got that wedding ceremony going smoothly. So there was everything started.
TESL Annual Dinner 2011 unFORTUNATELY...I was responsible to be one of the MC. I really hope I was not ruin the event. I hope I am not too DULL...too HAPPENING...extra ENERGATIC... i AM LEARNING FROM MISTAKES..Trust me not everyone can be in that place..I was the unlucky one.. I should consider myself lucky ryte? At least I already tried my best. Gave all out that night. *even I was not behave appropriately. I’ll definitely improve myself in future. Am I born to be MC?? IDTS... I just not afraid to try something new and have inner conflict with myself :p *liar
 ps: The theme that I try to bring out in me is pop princess but it turned out to be rock princess. spoilt~