Thursday, March 24, 2011

Life.... expect the unexpected

My course mate has questioned this statement, how to expect something that we don’t expected?? The true meaning of this ‘quote; which actually I take from AFS Intercultural Programme, the non government organization that I dedicate my life to, (dedicate la sgt setakat volunteer je pon) btw actually in my uni I think the amount of people that recognize the organisation, we can count with our finger. Its ok, you guys can google about it.

The example of unexpected things that happened to me is I just noticed if I said that I hate something or someone, for sure at the end I’ll end up liking it. YEAH~

These thing keep on happening to me seriously, maybe it is some way for GOD telling me to watch out my words. (so tyra watch your words). Another example, I said once I said ‘Like a G6’ is a rubbish song but in the end it becomes my message tone. DUHH~

In some event, we think he/she is a right person for us but after quite sometimes he/she got nothing to do with you anymore. That’s happen in any kind relationship. When this happened there is no one to blame. It just not a win win situation. For me I would say I have gone through this sort of thing many times but still I never give up in relationship coz that how we learn. True it hurts you a lot if the relationship did not last. How to handle it?? Just time can cured everything.

That’s why I hold this quote, the opposite of LOVE is not HATE but IGNORE. No wonder I love ‘Ignorance’ by Paramore so much. * xde kaitan

Like now I am taking TESL, don’t be shock if someday I turn up to be a business woman. *the statement is too ridiculous

Or fashion designer perhaps.

I know whatever decision I made doesn’t seem to be good in everyone eyes but until when should I lived based on what people wants? So let me make a decision which I think good for everyone. (even what I think sometime doesn’t make sense but let me k?) *mane ade org nak bace pon

Wow!! I wrote quite long this time..

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