Saturday, February 26, 2011

Note to myself

Truth sometimes hurt

27th February 2011, 2.07 a.m

The moment I feel terrible

No other human being I hate the most

other than myself right now.

What I’ve learn and what I want to change is quite a number

But it doesn’t matter..

It is for my own good..

For my future, living around people who have feelings

Hey you!

The one who wrote this..

What all of them had done to you is to give you a lesson

Being a jerk will make your life misery

Stop talking like you are the most brilliant person on earth

Coz you are nothing close to that

Even your eyes swollen cause by tears

There’s nothing to be forgiven

You hurt people that love you

That care about you

That always be there for you

Then, what that’s makes you??

A person??

Let me tell you..

Life is not all about you

You don’t have to act childish to attracts peoples attention

Coz u juz make them noxious when they see you

Do you like that??

So, think like an adult

It is not impossible to change

It is not about people around you isolate you

It is about your annoying attitude

Watch your mouth

Not everyone bear to listen every single thing that came out from it

Your brain is there to be used

Being yourself doesn’t mean you have to make yourself look like a fool

Coz you used to it

Think about what people might think about you

Hello people are everywhere to judge

So..wake up!!

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