Thursday, January 20, 2011

Brother's day~

We usually heard about mother's day, fathers day.. I am celebrating fathers day.. For me I am the luckiest sister on earth since I have the coolest brother ever whom cannot be replace and I love them so much, (although sometimes they such a pain in the butt). I have a eldest brother and 2 younger brother. The 1st one is 20 years old, i'm in the middle the 3rd one is taking his SPM this year but now he is in Australia and the youngest one is taking his UPSR this year.

In school days, I wish I have a sister but when I grow older I am so grateful that I have none of them (in laws in future is acceptable)lol. Each of my brothers have the quality that I wish will have in my future husband (deep thinker). Along a.k.a Adi nak agi his facebook name have a intelligent brain + looks+concern+tough physiques. He know how much I love to be pampered and I'm the only girl that he can hug (hihi). He done a lot for me although he such a teaser when I was a small girl but he take care of me whenever my parents was not around. When he entered a boarding school I was the one who devastated and cried a lot.

Ajin a.k.a Uda (name after he got younger brother). I love to call him Jiji. After my eldest brother left for boarding school, he was the one who always be with me. He both have a sensitive heart. As he growing older as a teenager, we shared a lot of problems and stories since we school at the same place. He is good looking+muscular (skinny)+clever+joker. He started to act like my elder brother ,being protective and advisor to me. For a start when I register in uni, I feel very lost without him telling me what's good or bad. I cried a lot too when he leave for Australia since i'm the one who being left that time (normally i'm the one who leave). I sleep with his sweater till now.HURRY UP COME BACK!!

Last but not least, the chubby one. Raims a.k.a ammi. We argue a lot bcoz he's the youngest 1 and i'm the only girl. He started to annoy me like all of his brother when he reach 10. Our parents can't stand my immature behavior and I can't stand when he irritating me. So, I started to act like a sister to him and when only both of us left in the house, we started to get along well. He is hardworking (in certain works), considerate and never forget about his siblings.

Bottom line is... I love all of them just the way they are. When I on my own now I started to feel how much I miss them and I'm not afraid to admit that How much I love them. LOVE U GUYS~

Monday, January 17, 2011

hair clips ~

Suddenly~ x tahan klu tgk hairclips skrg ni..lg2 klu yg kiut2...bukan nyer klip kat rambut tp kat shawl..x sihat kan?? x kisah la..asalkan sy happy an..hihi..jd akan mengumpulkan byk2 hairclips afterwards...klu lah ade Marienyer hair clips kan..klu ade jumpe inform la ek...

Saturday, January 8, 2011

2nd sem..

Beginning of 2011~Hurmm...too many things we do..since class does not started yet.. assignment had not been given yet...problems did not occur yet....nothing much to say i juz wanna put a few picture that i not uploaded at my fb... hee~
BTW I already wear my 1st high heel..4 and a half inch..thanked god i've started to get use to it..a'ai call it Victoria Beckham shoes,,HOHO..or my mum call it 'kasut yg boleh bunuh org'..Honestly, after walking in that shoes for a whole day, my back strained.. what an experience..i am killing my own backbones..

If in high school I like to take photos ADAEMAN...but now in uni..there is new couple.. NEDDIQ(suke cantum name owg) klu diorg gdoh..hurmm...extraordinary couple sket diorg nih..x pnah lg jmpe couple cam Siddiq tu baik la even die hot tempered..

We already plan about our trip to$$$$$$..huh...which really bothering me ryte now...I have to do something so thati'll be more wiser in money matters..i just realise that I aam a SHOPPAHOLICS~ JUZ LIKE rEBECCA bLOOMWOOD....BUT i DONt have creadit card like her...