Sunday, December 19, 2010

Just cut my hair~

I decided to have a new look for new year but still not sure how should i cut it. Salon??? nope..This time i will cut it by myself..Normally I ask my dad to cut for me..So..i've thinking to keep the length and give some fringe in front of my forehead.. but i already did that style twice..when I was little n when i'm in form3..
since i got wavy hair that style wont do..but who cares??
its like i have Vanessa hair and want to do Selena's look..I t doesn't make sense ryte??

Guess what I already did..make myself look like 5 years old me..My parents agree with me..I look exactly when i was 5..but this time I am taller n darker..unfortunately there was an accident..not obviously seen..with wavy hair like this the result will not be as I wish.That's fine coz the one to blame is me.

By the way, it doesn't matter coz I am wearing head cover in public but does matter for self satisfaction mum said this kind of look will face problem when i want to ware head cover..u know fringe in front of forehead.let be~

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