Saturday, December 18, 2010

It's been a while~

I have a blog but I rarely post anything..So basicly I will post according to my mood.. I am so happy coz juz now I got news from my brother in Mackay. He said he dont met my host mum yet.I dunno how to express how much I miss him. Its embarrassing to admit that I sleep with his AFS sweater on his bed and wears his shirt while I'm still at home.

He let me to bring that sweater to uni, I love all of my brothers. Everytime they left me I will cry but if I am the one who leave, I wont drop a single tears which means 'I can leave u but u can't leave me. No wonder I have no guts to give a shot in a relationship. I am not tough enough to be disappointed.Thanks to u along coz lend your hug to keep me calm while i'm crying at the airport. Thanks coz u dont feel embarrassed
to walk with me that time.

This coming 24 Jan will have 2 important things for me. Along's 21st birthday n Ajin's arrival. YEAY!!!! Too bad i wont be around that time.

Raimi thank you for not crying. If you did, thankx for not crying in front of me , coz it will make me cry too which is not good. I had major headache after crying.

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