Saturday, April 10, 2010

I appreciate it u guys~

Seronoknye..what a day....thanks u guys coz organize a little celebration 4 my birthday..walaupon not exactly during my birthday I really I really appreciate it..Ada,Eman,Ejat,Nanan,Norm,Fadzil..n Muhaithir yg try nak dtg tp xde rezeki nak dtg..its ok..Started from 8 O'CLOCK in the morning we all bergerak ke TC..BUt Ejat was early n very punctual..I am the 1 to blame coz I told him 7.30..but guess what??I'm being a jerk to him..(hate myself)..I just know know that Ada collect RM5 tO BUy some snacks to the beach..n she did'nt ask me to pay any penny (i mean cent).. Gosh u guys are soo sweet...

BTW Ejat I am so damn sorry coz I am being harsh eventhough u r being super nice to me along the day..I can't stop blaming myself..please forgive me..U wait for me since 7.30 in the morning at the beach COZ U KNOW i hate person who concern bout time management but I am the one who being late...sori jat..I am being selfish..
tiring day yet very meaningful to me..x dpt present pon xpe..

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