Friday, April 9, 2010

I am blind

Normally I am very rasional about how should I act and felt but when it come to love matters..I am the dumb ass that u ever think of...Oh gosh!!Athirah open your eyes..He is not for u..Move on..He already know what u feel and yet still no action.. That's mean..The feeling is NOT mutual..GOt it??!!Takkan nak simbah asid baru nak sedar kot...Wake up!!!Chase other thing other than him... Open your eyes k..He is damn gorgeous guy and u r damn not that pretty girl....

You should just accept the fact that he is not for u.Why???Why I'm still hoping for him..Now I am really blind...If he accept u, u still not gonna be happy coz he just not ready for such commitment..Just friends k...But it's hurt to see him again in front of me when he with someone else...I am nothing for him..Just another girl passing by...Mama is right love someone that love u not someone u love..Why is it too complicated..Why is it I am so sentimental..

Is it too hard to live ur life without couple Athirah??Come on la.. Dont make urself too carried away with this stupid thing..Cinta bertepuk sebelah tangan..that's what happen to me now..I am realise what actually happen to me but when I see his face again, I will..I might return back to him..Guess what?? I am one of the silly girl that will do anything for a guy I really love..which is so dangerous...make urself busy Athirah..

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