Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Dah lame x tulis blog...coz I still confius between blog n diary...sometimes I mix personal things in my blog,I like to share but dont misunderstand plak.Mcm la ade org nak bace kan blog ni..Xpe la let me express my feelings through writing.Lgpun time skrg ni je la ade mase nak jog down pape..Nanti dah msuk uni x terkejar nak tulis2 ni...
BTW recently ade PIKOM PC Fair kat Mega which I went there 3 days in a row(gadget obsession)..aPE LG I went there with my dad..usha lappy..then dpt la lappy Dell kaler pink ni..I called it COTTON CANDY..(ingat anak kucing ke nak bg2 nama,tp suke aty I la kan),Syukur Alhamdulillah Allah pinjamkan rezeki-Nya yg melimpah ruah.Although I got what I want,it doesnt mean that I am spoit child..Coz my dad still consider whether I deserve it or not..Lgpon nanti nak continue study lappy is compulsory..crucial kot..nak wat assignment camne xde lappy kan..
I got something new but have to giveaway something else.Actually its not mine.Along ask back for his mp3..I dont mine i already prepare myself to loose it..He gave it to me coz his phone alredy got mp3 but now his phone is already broken he need it back..Xde istilah buruk siku eh..For me mp3 is my boyfriend coz it always be with me and never make me feel lonely..Actually it is Ajin's but he already got Sony Zap for free with his camera.But,Hey~My dad said I can buy a new one..Yippie!!!So what am I doing now is doing research what brand should I buy..Thinking of Ipod..but it need itune sofware which make my life harder..I need drag n drop mp3 format just like Ajin's.I might end up buying exactly like his but pink in colour..Maybe coz his mp3 is not bad..Lgpon My dad prefer Sony than other brand..He know better..Anything u said Daddy..
Along will get a new manual car..Manual duhhh..Guys memang prefer manual..But i KIND A FALL IN LOVE ngan manual car la..sejak blaja drive ni..A few days ago bru je ambik ujian kelayakan,marks atas pagar je.Passing mark 17 ,I got 16..LOL....Hrap2 I will drive better la this weekend klu x kne marah ngan Ustaz lg..Remember Athirah Give singnal but dont make sudden move wait until U see the white line...(only me understand what I'm talking about).

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